Home improvement requires investing time and energy in planning, repairing, and carrying out the renovation work.

Before you jump right in with your home improvement project, there are some things you will want to know about the problems you might be experiencing.

Whether you are a novice or an expert in renovations, the advice you will find on this subject is often contradictory. For this reason, we have decided to debunk the five most popular renovation myths.

There are many myths in the renovation world, some more prevalent than others. It is very important to know them before starting your work to save you time, energy, and money.

Myth 1: You Are Sure To Get a Return on Your Investment by Renovating

Even if you invest a lot of time and money in renovating your kitchen or bathroom, there is no guarantee that the investment will pay off once the house is sold.

Do not expect to get back all the money invested as such, rather expect to get back a percentage of that sum, as there is little chance that you will be able to monetize all the improvements made.

Also, if you estimate the price of your home based on the renovations done, you may run into difficulties when marketing because your home will be too expensive compared to other properties for sale.

So when your contractor tells you that your investment will pay off, take this information with a grain of salt.

Pro Tip: Focus on cheaper but impactful renovations such as exterior/interior painting.

Myth 2: DIY Is Cheaper, Faster, and More Efficient

If you are a DIY expert, you certainly do without the services of a contractor for most of your home renovations. For many homeowners, DIY saves money, but that’s still a myth.

First of all, take into consideration the security and safety measures necessary for the realization of your project.

If you are carrying out a project that requires electrical or plumbing work, you will need to hire a professional for each of these respective areas.

In most municipalities, doing this kind of work is illegal and of course dangerous.

You’ve certainly taken the time to do all the research you need to know about your kitchen wiring, but if something goes wrong as a result of your DIY work, keep in mind that your family’s safety will be at stake.

Myth 3: Paint Hides Everything

Home improvement novices often try to use paint to cover problematic areas, such as minor imperfections, mold, water damage, nicks, holes, etc.

However, although the paint seems to “cover-up” the problems, they could get considerably worse in the future.

So forget about painting for a moment and instead try to identify the origin of the problem to remedy it.

Paint should only be applied to correct cosmetic problems.

Myth 4: Repair Is Always Cost-effective compared to replacement

A particularly common myth is that it will cost much less to repair a worn item than to replace it.

In the majority of cases, these repairs are only a temporary solution to the problem.

So, if you know full well that the repair will not hold up, it would be much more economical to replace it.

Also, it should be noted that if you do not make the right decision on this matter, the problems that are going to arise will lead to damage and additional costs.

Remember that some items are guaranteed by the manufacturer, so don’t hesitate to use your warranty when you notice any breakage.

The manufacturer will be able to determine whether they are making a repair or replacement.

One thing is for sure, in any home improvement project it is essential to think long term rather than short term.

This way, you will avoid having to face the same problem in a month or two.

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