Interior Décor and Painting Boston MA: Cost-effective Ideas to Refinish Your Staircase  

Your staircase may need a little refreshing considering they withstand daily traffic.

Or, maybe you just want to make a change and review the scenery of your climb. 

Either way, there’s no point in spending astronomical sums to give your staircase a current look, a few small touches can do the trick. 

To inspire you in your staircase refinishing project in Boston MA project, here are some very simple ideas.

Use Your Leftover Paint

Leftover paint is often forgotten and accumulated in the back of the garage or workshop. Why not use it to give a unique look to your staircase? 

Risers are the perfect place to let your creativity flow. 

Paint them with various leftover colors, especially one color if you have enough leftover, or just write inspirational sentences or meaningful words. 

For the more adventurous, paint only the moldings of your staircase with a contrasting color or even make a strip in the middle of your staircase. 

All ideas are good, and by recycling your leftovers, you will be doing something responsible.

Recover Old Wood or Opt For Plywood

Wood does not go out of fashion, in addition to being strong and durable. 

A nice option for your steps or risers. 

Use pallet wood or whatever leftover wood to give your staircase a rustic look. 

Plywood boards are trendy and inexpensive. 

They can give a young and modern look to your staircase. 

And above all, whatever your choice of wood, don’t forget to cover everything with floor varnish to avoid splinters on your feet.

Make Use of Wallpaper or Stickers

Wallpaper and wall decals come in 1001 forms. Completely cover your risers with a black and white or colored herringbone wallpaper, floral-inspired or representing a cord of wood itself

You will be spoiled for choice in specialty shops and supermarkets. 

Bring the Rug Back Into Your Decor

The good old carpet on the stairs is a fabulous choice.

In addition to being comfortable, it prevents slipping and hurtling down the stairs. 

For the skeptics, forget your idea of ​​the rug. 

You don’t have to go for a plush rug from another era, no. 

Instead, to keep up with the decorating trend, choose a woven rug that’s large enough to cover your staircase from bottom to top. 

Secure it with carpet glue and that it!

Your staircase will be up to date and comfortable.

Change the Stair Railing

The stair railing is also a major element of the decor of your staircase. 

By updating it, you could completely change the look of your staircase. 

Some ideas to inspire you:

  • Paint it with a color that contrasts with your steps, black on white for example.
  • Design a rope ramp attached to rings attached to metal bars.
  • For a more unique idea, use metal mesh to design your ramp. The investment will be minimal and the result will be unique.

Some decorative ideas to embellish your new staircase even more

  • Add suspended lighting to your stairwell
  • Place candles or greenery on the side of the steps
  • Attach photo frames to the wall or original pictures
  • Install paneling on the wall to add texture

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