Interior Painting Boston, MA: Creating Your Own Personal Color Palette

When it comes to choosing colors for your interior painting project in Boston, MA, make your life easier by relying on your gut. 

Color confidence is about looking carefully at the colors that appeal to you and that you love to surround yourself with, and then taking advantage of the design possibilities they present.

Take a New Look

What are the colors that inspire you in everyday life? Look in your wardrobe and take out the clothes that come in the same colors and shades. 

Spread them out and follow your natural instinct. 

Continue on the same path by reflecting on the other important colors in your life; those of your car, your pet, your tableware – there are no “wrong” answers. Notice the colors that upset you too, and probably delist them.


Once you have determined which colors attract your attention the most, go to your paint retailer. 

Ask a specialist to show you the colors you like on a color wheel, then take the time to discover the shades that belong to the same family of colors. 

Next, consider the ones that contrast with your basic colors. It is the accent colors that will allow you to find unique and captivating ways to define your space.

Subtle or Bold 

Do you want decor that is loud and clear? Or do you prefer more subtle lines? 

Choose your color harmony based on the answer to this question. 

If you are looking for a more neutral decoration, select the more discreet tones in the personal color palette that you have developed. 

If on the contrary, you want to express your daring style, opt for the more saturated shades of your palette.

Get inspired by nature

If you are looking to add another dimension to your personal color palette, look to your surroundings. 

Nature can help you formulate other palettes that make you resonate with your surroundings. 

For example, is your natural surrounding characterized by rough waters, driftwood, and seagrass beds? Get inspiration from the green of its palm trees and the sand of its desert. 

Whether it’s where you live or where you aspire, use the features you love so much as inspiration.

Here are some of the most common colors and what they mean 

  • White paint: Purity, harmony, calm, serenity –Ideal for illuminating a room and enlarging it. It can be used everywhere, but it is better to mix it with other colors to break the monotony of white. White also makes it possible to underline the other colors, even if they are used
  • Blue pain: Dream, ocean, serenity, calm, relaxation –Ideal color in the bathroom, we also appreciate it in the bedrooms, for its relaxing aspect
  • Purple paint: Meditation, calm, solitude, luxury –Preferable color for a bedroom or a quiet room. It gives a relaxing and luxurious side, especially if you mix it with lighter colors.
  • Brown paint: Nature, earth, rest, calm, comfort –Brown is suitable in large rooms, both bedrooms, and living rooms. Better, however, to use it with a lighter color, to avoid a too austere decoration.
  • Green paint: Nature, color, stimulation, and harmony –Perfect color for the bedroom, green has anti-stress properties. We appreciate it just as much in an office. We will be wary of overly dark greens, which can reduce space
  • Yellow paint: Sun, energy, positivity, concentration, tone, joy – Yellow brings good humor and energy in living and working rooms, such as the living room or the office. It is potentially too messy for cooking and is too energetic in a bedroom. Use sparingly.

The Bottom Line

Choosing interior paint colors and creating a color pallet can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time for most homeowners. 

With so many color choices, shades and finishes to choose from, making the wrong pick is a worrying reality. 

With a little help from an experienced painting contractor, you can choose an appropriate finish and color for any given living space without much hassle. 

Hiring a painting contractor is the best way to get high-quality, durable, and flawless painting results.  

At Total Pro Painters, we have years of experience in exterior and interior home painting and staining serving Boston Massachusetts homeowners. 

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