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5 Reasons To Use Dark Colors For Painting Your Room in Boston, MA

The color choice people usually opt for in painting a room would go light.

Light colors tend to be easier to mix and match with furniture and are not too overwhelming to the eyes, among other advantages.

With this, most people would be intimidated to go dark in painting a room because it’s just too different from the usual.

However, being different does not mean bad – you’d be shocked as to how dark colors elevate a room’s overall aesthetic.

So, if you’re currently thinking of painting your room a dark color but still not sure whether to go with it, well, we might have the answers to clear your doubts.

Without further ado, here are 5 Reasons To Use Dark Colors For Painting Your Room in Boston, MA.

1. Sets a Bold Impression

By choosing to paint your room a dark color, you immediately set a bold impression upon anyone who might come inside it.

People are just wired to assume that a room will always be of a light color or shade – so imagine what a pleasant surprise it will be for them to stumble upon a sleek and luscious dark-colored room.

While yes, having a dark-colored room may still be a hit and miss for people’s different tastes, you absolutely cannot deny the impact and impression it holds over the people who will see it in its full gleaming glory. 

2. Makes a Room Feel Cozier

Since dark colors tend to make a space feel more tightly knit as it reflects less light, dark colors will be a perfect choice if you’re trying to go for a cozier room.

The dark walls will be a perfect backdrop for a few scented candles here and there, or a roaring fireplace, as it will further establish that warm and cozy vibe in your room.

Additionally, if you’re the type of person who likes it totally dark when you’re sleeping, a dark-colored room will undoubtedly be the perfect match for you.

3. Gets Your Furnishings to Stand Out

While light colors can be an excellent choice as a backdrop for your furnishings, nothing highlights every detail of your art and furniture better than a dark-colored wall.

Because the color reflects less light, a dark-colored wall will not draw your attention and diverts it instead to the furnishings it is trying to highlight, making it the perfect backdrop for your furniture and art at home.

If you’re the type that likes to own artworks and furniture centerpieces, a dark-colored wall as a backdrop will be perfect for you.

Plus, the camera seems to love dark walls, so you can go snap your perfect interior worthy of a home living magazine spread!

4. Possesses Dynamic Qualities

Light colors are indeed a very easy and versatile base – it is extremely easy to build your home interior design in a light-colored room, but it can tend to be static when it comes to its undertones.

Light will always be light throughout the day, but a dark shade can get interesting because it can have different undertones as the light changes throughout the day.

This is how a dark-colored room could be dynamic, as opposed to a light-colored room – you’d just discover so many layers of possibilities with a different shade of dark color!

5. Low Maintenance

Lastly, by opting for a darker-colored room, you lessen, if not eliminate, the risk of any wall scuffs and spots that are just bafflingly hard to remove.

Since it is of a darker color, any dirt or marks will technically be easier to hide or blend and will not need immediate attention than if it was a lighter color. 

If you do not want to put up with the maintenance of light walls, better opt for a dark color in painting your room. 

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