5 Tricks For A Good Accent Wall in Boston, MA

There is something special about having an accent wall — it looks quite different from the other walls in any given room, and it will draw the attention of anyone who comes in.

Though people might presume that all you need for an accent wall is to choose a color and then paint one wall that particular color, there is more to an accent wall than just that — though of course it can be that simple if you so wish.

In this article we’re going to focus on making an accent wall better — and how to make an accent wall that stands out and is memorable.

Let’s look at and consider five tricks for a good accent wall in Boston, MA

1. Fabric Samples Can Make A Unique Accent Wall

One way to make an accent wall that people don’t often talk about is the use of fabric — it can be brightly colored or even multi-colored and then there is the matter of texture.

There are some craft stores where you will be able to find remainders of fabrics or even just smaller amounts — the remainders being what is left at the end of a roll of fabric.

These remainders can be purchased for a lower price than you would normally find and as an added bonus you can really put forth some creative effort in considering how you are going to use the colors that you find in the effort of making a nice accent wall.

2. Consider The Colors Of The Other Rooms In The House

If there’s one thing that people seem to not think about when they’re working on making an accent wall, it’s the fact you have other rooms in the home that are just as important in terms of aesthetics.

If you go from one room and then into another and the color scheme in the first room clashes strongly with the accent wall you have in the following room, it’s not going to be too pleasant as far as looks go.

If you take into consideration the color of the rooms adjacent to the room in which you are going to be having your accent wall, you’ll be more likely to choose a better color scheme for the wall.

3. Make An Accent Wall Of Mementos

In the course of your life, you are sure to have collected a number of mementos — be they collector’s items from places you have gone or even just posters and the like from events.

These things could even be items that have been passed down in your family from your parents and your grandparents — and you are proud to have these things and want to show them off to people who visit you so that you can recount the story of their origin.

You can make a really nice accent wall out of these memento, using a variety of shelves or even wall mounted shelving units — and in that way you can have a place to put these things where they will be appreciated for years to come.

4. Natural Stone Wall

A somewhat non-traditional consideration for an accent wall is a natural stone wall — people coming into the room will think that the wall is somehow built into the building, but this does not have to be the case at all.

Of course, you will have to remember that when you have a natural stone wall there will be a bit more upkeep in keeping the stones clean so that they don’t look dirty as well as free from things such as mold or mildew — but it is all well worth it when you have a nice accent wall made up of natural stone.

5. Removable Wallpaper

Lastly, one of the most kitschy and fun ways to make up an accent wall is by making use of removable wallpaper.

The really interesting thing about removable wallpaper is that it is so easy to use and to remove, you don’t have to have your heart set on having it as the accent wall for a long period of time.

Indeed, you can even think of it as the kind of thing wherein you switch out the look of the accent wall every couple of months, and all you have to do is to switch to a different removable wallpaper.

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