7 Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Bathroom in Boston, MA

Painting your bathroom is not that as hard as you think, you are free to paint the color of your taste without interruptions.

However, unlike the different areas of your home, your bathroom’s humidity and space should be considered when having DIY.

With that being said, many things can go wrong along with your makeover that you should be mindful of.

So to help you with the common errors, here are the 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Bathroom in Boston, MA.

1. Not Preparing The Working Place

One of the common errors of many when having DIY especially in bathroom projects is that not preparing the area.

If you want to make your job easier, make sure that you remove all the obstructions inside the place so you can totally work with ease and comfort.

Taking some time to put tape on the objects that cannot be removed make sure to wrap the doorknobs and cover floor tiles.

2. Using The Wrong Kind Of Paint

Sometimes, if you don’t have proper knowledge about the painting you will never know that there were lots of paints for different types of surfaces.

Bathrooms have different factors to consider such as humidity, steam, and even the chemicals on your daily essentials that may affect the paint in the long run.

To protect and guarantee that your paint job will be durable to this kind of factor, choose paint in eggshell or glossy texture.

This kind of paint will add a fully finished result that will act as armor on your walls over the paint.

3. Not Cleaning The Walls

Because the bathroom is prone to different substances which accumulate over time, cleaning the walls before painting is essential.

However, for some cleaning is not necessarily but dirt leaves bumps and valleys on the finish resulting in an awful result

The dirt in your walls can be easily removed by water but with molds, you may use home cleaning agents.

4. Skip Priming

The bathroom’s environment is totally different from your home’s living room, it always gets wet so without priming the paint’s longevity and duration will be at stake.

The primer will not only give you an even, blank surface to paint, but it also provides durability for the new paint color to stick to.

When you skip priming, your new paint might peel off, making your effort and money wasted.

5. Using Cheap and Low-Cost Tools

Sometimes, as much as we want to save time and money, buying low price stuff will give us a headache in the long run.

It’s still more preferable to use high-quality tools especially for brushes and rollers which greatly affect the overall finish of your work.

Make sure to match your brushes to the paint, for instance, latex paints synthetic bristles are the best options while natural brushes can be used for oil-based paints.

6. Not Estimating The Paint Properly

In doing a painting project make sure to avoid skimping and squandering, estimate the gallons of paint necessary for your entire project.

When painting your bathroom, it’s much better to use cans of paint than a bucket, so you will not waste too much paint.

7. Rushing a second coat

Painting jobs require patience, so rushing the process would lead to poor work and make things untidy.

Your paint needs ample time to set and dry. If you try to rush into your second coat, the tendency is that the first layer of paint can cause streaks and other irregularities in your job.

You must make sure that your paint is completely dry to avoid hassle and stress on your part. Don’t make a rush!

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