7 Tips For Improving Your Curb Appeal in Boston, MA

When you’ve got a home and you might think that at some point you want to perhaps sell it — or even if you just want to up the overall look of the house — it’s a good idea to do things that improve what is known as the curb appeal.

The idea of curb appeal is that any given person passing by your home should be able to look at your home from a distance — the distance from the curb to your home, specifically — and get an idea in their head of what it is worth just from that view.

Here are seven tips for improving your curb appeal in Boston, MA.

1. What Would A Buyer See?

The first thing you should do when you’re trying to improve your curb appeal (and thus the perceived value of your home) is to consider the perspective of the prospective buyer.

Think of yourself as if you were someone looking to buy your house and you walked up to it and gave it a good once over from the curb — what do you notice about the house, and what could look better?

It may be difficult to step outside of yourself (as it were) to see what other people see but it is well worth the change of view so that you can make needed improvements.

2. Paint The Shutters

Another fine thing that you can do for your home that is going to improve your curb appeal is to paint your window shutters.

Though it seems like it’s fairly minor and it won’t take up too much of your time, it’s something that can have a big impact on your curb appeal as people will see your shutters and notice how impressive they look when you paint them.

By contrast, if you leave them to fade over time they can really detract from your curb appeal and make the overall house look less good.

3. Add Plants In Planters

People generally like the look of plants — and they’re pretty nice in terms of improving your curb appeal.

The good thing about having your plants in planters rather than having them in the ground directly in the ground is that you can mix up the plants that you have as well as being able to literally move them around to wherever you want — which is good for plant health, certainly!

4. Change Your Doormat

Another thing that may be tripping up your curb appeal is an old matted doormat — though a doormat is something that’s mostly practical, you will know immediately when someone has a ratty old doormat that makes the just looks bad.

It doesn’t take too much effort to replace your doormat but it is well worth it because it will make your home exterior and thus your curb appeal that much better.

5. Trim Your Hedges

One thing that you can do to vastly improve your curb appeal while not so much spending money on buying new things as much as making what you already have look better.

An example of this is to take the hedges and to trim them — it’s a bit of effort, but when you see the new doormat and compare it to the old one, you will know that it is definitely worth doing.

6. Clean Your Roof

Your roof is one of the first things that people see when they look at your home, even from the curb, and if it has a big pile of leaves on it or even something as simple as mold or mildew, it is not going to look good.

Whether you take the time to clean your roof yourself or pay a professional contractor to do it for you, it will make the view of your home better — and thus boost your curb appeal.

7. Paint Your Door!

Lastly, you can definitely do a lot of good for your curb appeal by simply painting your door.

While your door may already be painted, it might make it stand out more (and in many cases look better) with a color that contrasts with the color of your home — or complements it.

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