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7 Tips For Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets in Boston, MA

Refacing your kitchen cabinets means giving them an updated and new look without spending too much money.

Moreover, refacing gives you the freedom of choice on what materials you want to attach or even the combination of styles you want to achieve.

So if you are bored with the appearance of your kitchen cabinets and want to have a makeover, here are the 7 tips for refacing your kitchen cabinets in Boston, MA.

1. Evaluate First Your Cabinet Before Refacing

Not every cabinet is a good candidate for refacing –make sure that your old kitchen cabinet is still applicable and usable.

Always remember those good cabinets for refacing have sturdy box construction made of plywood or MDF panels that are smooth and in good condition.

Moreover, check for the damages such as if the drawers do not operate smoothly or if the cabinets are lacking in shelving or storage accessories, the expense of refacing may not be worth it.

2. Prepare all the Necessary Tools and Materials

After checking and assessing your cabinet condition, preparing all the necessary materials is very essential when you’re having your DIY, this is to make your job easier and faster.

In cabinet refacing you will be needing tools such as screwdrivers, which will be used to remove the doors, frames, and shelves.

Also, a putty knife, to get rid of paint, scrape away shelving runners, and smoothen the putty and other materials such as paint stirrers, brushes, and sponges to paint, stain, or finish the cabinets.

3. Remove And Clean the Cabinet’s Surface

Before you do your cabinet refacing job, removing and cleaning its surfaces is the first thing you need to do.

By cleaning the surfaces lets you remove grease and dirt that were built up over time.

Moreover, to ensure that the surface will be smooth and ready for refacing you may opt to use 150-grit sandpaper before wiping the cabinets down with a tack cloth.

4. Find The Right Materials For Your Refacing Project

Finding the right materials is very essential in cabinet refacing because you don’t want to purchase materials that are not fitted with your cabinet.

Although there are quite a lot of online shops that sell doors and drawer fronts, just make sure to buy both the veneer and door/drawer fronts from the same dealer, so wood grains will match up perfectly.

Also, be sure to take accurate and specific measurements of your existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts to keep your project moving.

5. Cover Stiles With Veneer

After you find the right materials for your refacing project, you are now ready to cover it with veneer.

Install the veneer on the cabinet face frames- you may opt to start with the vertical pieces (stiles), and then move to the horizontal pieces (rails).

Then, trim the extra material with a sharp utility knife otherwise, it will need contact cement to both the back of the veneer and the surface of the cabinet.

6. Install New Hardware

Refacing kitchen cabinets will not be complete until you replace them with new hardware.

There are numerous styles you can choose from and you customize the knobs and hinges depending on your type.

Moreover, cabinet pulls and knobs are available in a variety of styles to suit your choice of design.

You may also choose from standard and modern designs in black, white, chrome, nickel, bronze, and gold finishes.

7. Give Enough Time For Your Project

The refacing project cannot be rushed through, spending enough time and energy is the key to ensure a picture-perfect result.

Moreover, refacing should plan ahead of time especially on the design that you want to achieve.

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