Doing a bathroom painting project can be particularly easy, but avoiding mess while doing a bathroom painting project can be particularly tricky.

Mess in a painting project tends to be usual and inevitable, but it’s a good thing that it’s not completely unavoidable – by following a number of tips, you can avoid creating a mess in your bathroom painting project!

So, if you’re looking for tips on how you can keep your bathroom painting project as mess-free as possible, here’s something you’ll find useful.

Here are Bathroom Painting Tips For Lesser Mess.

1. Clear The Bathroom Space

In avoiding mess when you’re painting your bathroom, one of the first things that you should be doing would be to clear your bathroom space.

This is necessary because you will want to free up as much space possible in your bathroom area, so you can have freer movements and activities when you are carrying out your bathroom painting project.

This helps prevent mess because if you have more space to freely move into in your painting project, your chances of slipping or tripping over something are significantly lessened.

Just imagine the mess that can potentially happen when you suddenly slip over something as you’re carrying paint!

In doing this, you will want to temporarily remove all your bathroom furniture and other essentials, such as your racks, tubs, shampoos and soaps, and towels, among other things that you may find in your bathroom.

2. Clean Your Bathroom

The next tip to keep in mind when you’re trying to avoid a mess in painting your bathroom would be to, of course, clean your bathroom.

Over time, your bathroom will have some build-up of muck and slime, and this is exactly the thing that you will want to remove prior to your painting project.

First, this particular muck or slime can be slippery, which can be a risk for a potential mess – you don’t want to be painting in a slippery area as you’re handling paint.

Next, having slime or muck present on the surface you’re planning to paint can potentially result in a messy paint finish, which is essentially the opposite of what we want out of this painting project.

So, in order to avoid all these potential messes, you will want to remove all signs of muck and slime in your bathroom accordingly before you proceed to your painting project.

3. Make Sure Your Bathroom Floors Are Dry

Another way to avoid mess when you are painting your bathroom would be to make sure that your bathroom floors are dry.

It is no secret that wet bathroom floors can be slippery, which has been previously discussed, and this can be risky and could potentially create the mess you’re trying to avoid in the first place.

So, to make sure that your bathroom painting project goes mess-free, you should make sure that your bathroom floors are dry prior to doing your painting project.

4. Cover Bathroom Fixtures With Dropcloth

When you are clearing your bathroom space to avoid mess, you will discover that you cannot remove everything in there – these include your bathroom fixtures such as your toilet, your shower, your tub, and your sink, among others.

So, in order to avoid getting paint all over them (which is essentially another kind of a mess), you will want to cover your bathroom fixtures with a drop cloth.

Covering your bathroom fixtures with a dropcloth will be useful in avoiding mess since paint drips can be inevitable in a painting project, and having a dropcloth over them provides them with a layer of protection from this potential mess.

It’ll be such a hassle to still clean up paint drips right after you just finished painting, so to avoid this, keep this tip in mind.

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