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Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Paint in Boston, MA

One of the most important aspects of a painting project is, naturally, paint – which is why it is important that you get the right kind of paint for your project.

There are just so many different kinds of paint available out there on the market, and it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the options.

It will be so much better to go to your local paint store prepared and already certain about which kind of paint to buy than to decide on the spot and find out that it is not the one you want later on.

But, how do we evaluate which kind of paint we need? What questions should we ask ourselves in order to come up with the best possible decision?

To help you narrow down your choices in buying paint, here are some Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Paint in Boston, MA.

1. How Much Paint Do I Need?

Before buying paint, it is important that you are certain first of how much paint you’ll need in your painting project.

This is important because knowing how much paint you’ll need will save you so much time and money from either going back and forth to the paint store to buy more paint or having too many excess cans of paint you did not end up using.

Being certain of how much paint you’ll only need for your painting project could help you prevent spending too much on materials you’ll eventually not use and will be really useful if you’re on a tight budget.

2. Do I Need a Primer?

While it is generally not recommended to skip primer, there are some rare instances that you could possibly skip primer.

It is common knowledge that a painting project will be expensive, so removing primer from your list of materials to buy will be a great help in reducing your expenses.

However, you can only skip primer at these rare instances: when you’re painting on a really clean, smooth, and even surface or when you’re painting with a color similar to the one present on the surface.

But, remember that skipping primer is still a risk even with the situations above, and before doing so, it would be beneficial for your to talk with a paint professional first for the best options for you. 

3. What Color Will Look Good On The Surface I’m Painting?

In buying paint, the sheer amount of paint color variations available on the market can be overwhelming – which is why you should decide first what paint color to go with before buying paint at your local store.

In choosing a color, there are so many factors that you need to consider to achieve satisfying results: such as the present lighting on the surface you’re planning to paint, what theme or vibe you’re trying to go with, or the present colors around it. 

To be sure that you’re getting what you’ve envisioned in your mind, you might want to do a test paint first on the surface you’re planning to paint to see if it looks good painted there. 

4. What Paint Finish Do I Want?

There are two common options for finishes in buying paint: glossy and matte, so you will also want to ask yourself which of the two you’ll want before purchasing paint.

A glossy paint finish is more reflective and shinier and makes a lighter and brighter vibe when painted on a surface.

On the other hand, a matte paint finish is usually flat and tends to absorb light, making the paint color deeper and richer.

Depending on what you’ll ultimately want to make out of your painting project, you’ll want to be certain first of these two options before you go out to buy paint.

5. Do I Need a Water-Based or an Oil-Based Paint?

Finally, you should choose whether to use water-based or oil-based paint.

Water-based paint lasts longer and is therefore preferable for external walls subjected to more outside influences and interior walls subjected to more moisture, such as your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.

On the other hand, oil-based paint is extremely durable, making it the perfect choice for moldings and trimmings.

Furthermore, oil-based paint has a hard, non-breathable surface that makes it stain and rust-resistant in the long run.

The type of paint you’ll need depends on the surface you’ll be painting on, so evaluate what you need for your painting project first to make the best option possible.

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