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Interior Décor & Painting Boston, MA: Tips for Decorating a Small Living Room

Small apartment, small house, small room, living room, and dining room in the same room … it is quite common to have a small living room.

How to decorate a living room? Several tips can optimize the decoration of your living room and make it appear bigger.

A well-decorated small living room can be very cozy and warm. We spend so much time there, it is essential that the decoration of your living room pleases you and is optimal.

Here are our top tips for designing and decorating the perfect living room in Boston, MA.

Choose the Right Furniture for Your Living Room

You may prefer a low sofa, but especially a small one in order not to clutter up the space of your living room.

Given the small dimensions of your room, a sofa that is too bulky may make your living room appear even less spacious and obstruct traffic.

Choosing your coffee table is also important in a small space. Opt for a table a little lower and preferably not too massive.

Glass tables are also an excellent choice since they let in light and are more discreet. The duos or trios of tables that are arranged one below the other are also a good option to obtain more surface (if necessary) without cluttering up the space.

In a small living room, don’t overload the room with too much furniture or furniture of too large dimensions.

The TV cabinet is essential, but make an informed choice: choose a cabinet that is not too massive and shallow to save space. If you can, hang your television directly on the wall to save space.

Choose the right accessories for decorating the living room

When decorating a small living room, you can choose a few minimalist decorative accessories.

The accessories that will make the best living room decorations are those in transparency or with natural materials such as wood.

Examples? Transparent vases with candles or fresh or dried flowers, frames with wooden edges, or wicker baskets. That’s good because clean pieces are popular

Decorate the living room walls according to your style

Without overloading them, it is possible to decorate the walls of the living room and even make your room appear larger.

Adding a large round mirror will give the illusion of spaciousness to your room.

Adding a wall with frames up to the ceiling can also make your ceiling look taller and your room larger. Finally, you can just add wallpaper to the wall to create an effect of depth.

Let in the light to enlarge the room.

It is well known, for both small and large rooms, the brightness and pale colors help to make space appear more spacious.

Remember to clear the window (s) in your room to let in the daylight. Bet on very light window coverings, curtains for example, or no covering if possible.

Think about the choice of materials to decorate your living room

Whether for the cushions, the curtains, or the covering fabric of your furniture, consider light materials and pale colors.

Light gray, white, beige, or pale pink are good choices.

Avoid large patterns that will give too much importance to the furniture. For occasional chairs, choose natural materials such as rattan.

Choose light colors for the walls

As mentioned above, light shades are brighter and help make space appear larger. Go for shades of white or other pale colors.

Also, you incorporate color punches into your decorative accessories or living room furniture.

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