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Interior Painting Boston, MA: Creating an Accent Wall.

No one likes to come home and find themselves faced with dull or boring walls.

A trick to beautifying your interior while arousing the interest of your guests would be to create an accent wall.

Recognized for its vibrant colors, an accent wall will make you forget the winter grayness while increasing the warmth of your interior. 

The accent wall is perfect for giving your rooms a new dimension.

No need to do major renovations, a paintbrush and a bucket of paint are enough to change the perspective of your room.

You will be able to change the color of the wall whenever you want, according to the moods and the seasons.

If you’re planning for interior painting in Boston, MA, you can incorporate an accent wall using the following tips and tricks.

Why Include an Accent Wall?

An accent wall serves to break up the often monotonous appearance of a room with only one color on all the walls.

It allows in particular to highlight a decorative, architectural element or a piece of your furniture. The wall you have chosen must stand out from the whole room, without compromising the uniformity of your interior. 

An accent wall is a decorative element that should blend in harmoniously with the room in which it is located.

It is therefore recommended to have decorative elements that are the same color as the wall to create a reminder.

If your walls and sofa are white and you have chosen a bold color like burgundy, then you should back your light-colored sofa against the accent wall.

The contrast created will perfectly bring out your sofa, in addition to giving a deep dimension to your wall.

Choosing The Color of the Accent Wall

When choosing the color of an accent wall, you should first base it on your taste, as it is important that you feel comfortable at home.

However, the chosen color may match some other colors in the room, but in a lighter or darker shade.

For example, if your bed frame is golden in color and you choose to back it against the accent wall, then the accent wall will need to be very dark.

Opt for forest green or an oil blue to bring out the gold of the structure.

In this specific case, light color is not recommended.

Besides its ability to create a stark contrast in the room, an accent wall serves other purposes as well.

To create the desired effect, keep in mind that warm hues like orange, yellow, or red will naturally create an impression of reduced space. It is therefore a good choice for a spacious room.

On the other hand, cool colors like navy blue or mauve will create an effect of depth that will suit relatively small rooms more.

Accent wall: paint, drawing, bricks, or patterned wallpaper?

You can go easy by simply choosing to paint your accent wall, but that’s not the only option. Have you noticed how trendy patterned wallpapers have become?

It must be mentioned that the dull and classic wallpapers of old houses have disappeared to make way for wallpapers with modern and futuristic looks.

Once you’ve found the perfect wallpaper for your accent wall, all you have to do is make a pretty collage.

Do you have a talent for drawing? Why not get started with the creation of a magnificent floral mural?

And even if art is not your strong suit, there are wall painting stencils in various designs.

At a unit price of $ 10, you will find reusable stencils in store for creating an original and authentic accent wall.

Since we are all fond of brick, it would be interesting to make an accent wall in bricks. Whether it’s red, gray, or another color, a brick accent wall will enhance the look of your room.

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