Things to consider when choosing an Exterior Painter in Boston, MA

In our previous post, we talked about where to find painting contractors in Boston, MA. 

Today’s post is a follow-up article on that, and we will share some tips on things to consider when choosing a painting contractor in Boston, MA.

Look For These Things When Choosing A Painting Contractor. 


Ask About the Services Offered

Some paint companies are more limited than others in the services offered.

We advise you to check with the company if its services are suitable for your project. For example, some companies serve the residential sector only.

If you have a commercial, institutional or industrial painting project, find out if this service is available with your chosen painter. 

The same is true for interior painting and exterior painting services. A painting company may not offer both services and specialize in only one.

If you regularly need painting services, we recommend that you choose a flexible painting company with a high level of adaptability.

Select Experienced and Competent Professionals

Choose a painting company that provides you with reliable and trusted professionals, but above all experienced, meticulous and attentive.

Make sure you can take advantage of the best quality/price ratio for your project, both in terms of the quality of the service, the competence of the professionals and the attractiveness of the price.

Check for Warranties 

When you hire a painting company, the most important thing is the durability of your paint, so that your investment is as profitable as possible.

For peace of mind, choose a painting company that offers guarantees so you do not have to call on another painter contractor (and pay more) because of the mistakes made.

For example, Total Pro Painters offers its customers a 3-year warranty on interior painting and exterior painting. Our guarantee is a pledge of confidence.

Compare Painting Quotes

It is essential to request a painting quote from any painter before hiring. 

A painting quote will allow you to know the estimated price of the painter for your work, among other important delays. 

But don’t limit yourself to just one quote. Compare at least three painting quotes to compare prices and professionalism.

When comparing painting quotes, focus on the value offered rather than just the price. 

Most of the time, the best, reliable painter won’t be the cheapest on your list. 

Check for references 

Any reliable and reputable painting company should have references of past customers readily available when you need them. 

Many of them will maintain a gallery of the projects so you can see and judge their skills. 

If in any doubt, call a few of the past clients and ask about their experience with the painter and if they approve of him. 

Check for Insurance 

A painting company needs to have an insurance cover for the business and for its employees. 

Having an insurance cover protects you from having to incur extra charges in the unfortunate event that your property gets damaged or one of the painting crew members gets injured while on the job. 

The Bottom Line 

Hiring a painting contractor is the best way to get high-quality, durable and flawless painting results.  

However, this can only happen if you get an honest and reliable painter. 

I hope the above tips help you find a suitable painter for your project. 

If you need any help to repaint your home interior, Total Pro Painters can help. 

At Total Pro Painters, we have years of experience in exterior and interior home painting and staining serving Boston Massachusetts homeowners. 

If you would love to try us,  call us today at (774) 509-0345 for a FREE estimate!

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