10 Cozy Paint Colors to Consider for Your Living Room

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The living room is often the center of the house since it’s where your family, friends, and guests gather. So, it’s no surprise that this room is the first place where you’ll begin your interior house painting. Of course, you have to figure out what’s the best color to use in this room that can be cozy and inviting. Luckily, you have a range of options to consider, and here are some below.

1. Ivory

So you don’t want a white living room, but you still want something similar to that shade. Take a look at some ivory paint swatches and see how it looks in your living room. This soft, creamy color adds texture and warmth to any living room. You can pair it with other bold colors for great contrast, or pair it with other neutrals like gray and beige. Also, if you have some beautiful antique wood furniture such as cherry wood tables or dark pecan chairs, that furniture will look lovely, contrasted with the lightness and creaminess of ivory.

2. Beige

Beige is another good color for someone who wants a light neutral but doesn’t want white walls. Beige is a classic color that you see in many houses. According to the Spruce, it’s still one of the most popular colors used in homes today. It’s a great color that won’t clash or overpower other things in your room. If you want to highlight your living room with bolder accent furniture or accessories in greens, blues, or burgundy, your beige living room walls will pair well with that.

3. Light Gray

Do you find beige and ivory to be too light on a neutral scale for you? Why not consider using gray? Gray is a great color for a living room since you can pair it with just about anything. While gray is a mixture of black and white, those aren’t the only colors involved in this hue. You can have a light or mid-range gray with overtones of other colors like reds or purples for a different effect. Regardless of what type of furniture or accessories you have, gray compliments them well due to its neutral and timeless quality. If you like to switch around their living room furniture or decor, you won’t have to worry about it clashing with your light gray walls. The great thing about this color is, in terms of emotion, it tends to create an evenly calm effect that’s not overpowering in either direction.

4. Soft Pink

When you think of pink, you may automatically write it off as a color that doesn’t belong in your home. But you know what? Pink is a timeless color that you can use at any age. So if you want to add a feminine touch to your living room, a soft pink is the way to go. Pink is also a great way to express care and love, so it’s hard not to feel good emotions when you’re in a soothing pink room. It’s a warmer color, after all, it’s a shade of red, but it’s not overpowering like its parent hue.

5. Lavender

It’s hard not to feel at peace while being slightly energized in a lavender room. If you love purple but don’t want a shade too dark or bold, lavender is the perfect choice. Do you want everyone to feel cozy and relaxed? Lavender is a great hue since purples are often associated with calm and relaxation. So, if you ever host some yoga sessions on your living room floor, you have the perfect color to get everyone in the mood. When it comes to contrast, you may want to find lighter furniture or trimmings like white cream or beige.

6. Soft Mint Green

When you think of the smell or taste of mint, it’s hard not to get a soothing and tingly sensation. Paint your living room in a beautiful soft mint green, it can have that same effect. It’s a relatively pastel shade that can pair well with white or dark brown. Green is a color associated with nature since it’s the color you mostly see there. According to House Digest, green can also make your interior feel tranquil, intimate, and creative. When a room makes you feel that way, it’s hard not to feel warm and fuzzy and spend time there.

7. Sage

If you like what green has to offer, but want a different shade from mint green, you should consider sage. Sage is more than an herb associated with spicing up your turkeys or burning in a room to ward off evil spirits. It’s also a very popular earth tone and earth tones are known for being warm, earthy colors that aren’t overpowering. You can easily pair this color with others such as brown, beige, or white. If you’ve never used it before, you can ask your painting company for more tips on how to pair it.

8. Mustard Yellow

Yellow is one of the brightest colors on the spectrum and is often associated with boldness and vitality. That’s why it’s one of the colors that children often love. However, mustard yellow, while still warm, can add a pop of color to your living room without being overpowering. You can easily pair it with other warmer versions of brown, orange, or beige to increase its cozy appeal. According to Elle Decor, this color also goes well with its complement, blue and green, to create a balanced look.

9. Burnt Orange

If yellow is too light for you, you may want to consider burnt orange for your interior house painting. Burnt orange is another color on the earth tone spectrum that can make your home feel inviting. If you have any natural wood furniture or hardwood floors that you want the perfect wall color for, this is a good option to create a beautiful, cozy, classy living room. If you like this color but want to tone down the intensity, consider using lighter shades of cream or pale blue.

10. Teal

Do you love green and blue, but can’t decide which hue is best for your living room? Consider going with a good combination of the two by using the color teal. This lovely combination of green and blue often goes very well with colors like white or beige. According to some design experts, white and black furniture work well in contemporary living rooms adorned with teal walls.

According to RubyHome, interior house painting is among the top three home improvement projects, in addition to bathroom projects and smart home installations. Since your living room is a space that just about anyone will see when they enter your home, you have the right color choice for the walls. Give your living room a cozy and inviting atmosphere that encourages people to stay in for hours on end to chat, have a drink, or chill out in front of the television. From this list, you can hopefully find some color options that suit your style and overall living room theme. If you have questions about how to pursue your interior house painting, you need the best professionals on the job. That’s why you should call Total Pro Painters today for further consultation.

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