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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Ashland, MA

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Wellesley, MA

Your kitchen cabinets don’t just house your cups, plates, and bowls; they offer a chance for you to reflect your personality in their texture and color. You may have overlooked your cabinet colors for years while you wondered why your kitchen seems drab and gloomy. Kitchen cabinet painting may seem like a frivolous home improvement project, but it often opens up homeowners’ imaginations and allows them to explore home design concepts they’d have never conceived without a push.

Total Pro Painters has the best kitchen cabinet painters in Wellesley, MA, with years of training and experience, allowing them to guarantee quality work for each customer. No other company in the area does cabinet painting and refinishing with as much care and precision. Contact our knowledgeable staff about kitchen cabinet painting or refinishing services today.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Wellesley, MA

Painting your cabinets may seem like a fun DIY project you can do with friends over the weekend. However, painting projects are never as simple as they may seem to the uninitiated. If you don’t know how different paints work with different materials and surfaces, you might waste a day on a project that a professional could have handled better. As one of the most dependable cabinet refinishing companies, we have you covered.

The paint experts at Total Pro Painters can help you find the best paint for your cabinets and complete your paint job quickly, without any hassle or aggravation. If you are in need of kitchen cabinet refinishing in Wellesley, MA, we have the best professionals in the area.

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Common Issues with DIY Cabinet Refinishing

When your kitchen cabinets look worn out or faded, your immediate instinct may be to paint them yourself. It’s best to let a professional with experience examine your cabinets and help you choose a paint and sealant that will keep them looking bright and fresh. People who try to refinish their cabinets without professional assistance tend to run into the following problems:

Cabinet Painting

Before you paint or stain your cabinets, you must remove the pre existing finish. If there are traces of paint or enamel on your cabinets, the new paint will peel or scratch off easily.

The most common types of paint used on cabinets are oil-based, latex, and water-based. The kind of daily abuse your cabinets have to withstand will dictate what type of paint you need.

Your cabinets may have gaps between the trim work that needs an experienced hand to fix with caulk. Otherwise, they may end up looking sloppy or loose.

Our Cabinet Painting Process

With our hassle-free process here at Total Pro Painters, we make it easier than ever to enjoy newly painted kitchen cabinets. Once you send us your request and photos of your cabinets, we’ll provide a proposal for you to review. After that, we help you select colors and schedule a time for us to come do the painting!

Day 1 to 3
Prep and Prime

We start by removing your cabinet doors and hardware like handles and hinges. Next, we put drop cloths down and prep your surfaces for painting by sanding down the wood and taping off areas you don’t want to paint. Finally, your cabinets and doors receive a layer of primer to prepare them for painting.

Day 4 to 5
Color and Finish

After the primer dries, we’ll paint your cabinets in your chosen color. If you want to experiment with different tones or play with textures, we can make it happen. Coating your painted cabinets with a glossy or matte finish reduces the chance of your new paint cracking, peeling, or fading.

Day 5 to 6

Once everything has dried, we’ll put your cabinets back together, clean up our mess, and let you enjoy your kitchen’s new appearance.

Reliable Cabinet Painting Services in Wellesley, MA

At Total Pro Painters, quality customer service is our goal. We offer kitchen cabinet refinishing in Wellesley, MA to ensure that you have a beautiful, functional kitchen quickly and easily with gorgeous results. Our refinishing and painting process takes just 25 days from your request to job completion, whereas new cabinet door orders can take two months or longer to complete.

We use the best products on the market to ensure your cabinet refinishing lasts and looks spectacular for years to come. Our affordable and competitive pricing makes it easy for anyone to have kitchen cabinets that showcase their sense of style while adding a fresh look to their home decor. 

For the most thorough and precise kitchen cabinet painters in Wellesley, MA, choose Total Pro Painters. Call us at
(774) 509-0345 to schedule an appointment today.

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