10 Current Paint Trends for Bathrooms

The supplies a painting contractor chooses can make or break the look of your bathroom. The right colors and finishes set the aesthetic tone and greatly impact how inviting your space feels. As you plan an update for your bathroom, it’s important to know the latest trends that can help you create a stylish and enjoyable room. Staying up-to-date on the newest ideas in color and finish is the first step. This ensures the time and money you invest pays off with a bathroom you’ll love for years. By following hot trends in wall colors, accent features, and paint sheens, you can give your bathroom a fashionable look suited perfectly for you.

1. Neutral Palette Dominance

Neutral wall colors never go out of style, which is why they are highly recommended by a painting contractor. Timeless whites, warm grays, calming beiges, and more remain the hallmarks of many elegant bathrooms. Part of what makes neutrals so popular is their versatility. They act as a fresh backdrop that allows you to switch out decor elements down the road without having to repaint. Popular neutral paint choices like Swiss Coffee, Accessible Beige, and Coventry Gray work with any style from farmhouse chic to modern luxury. According to Better Home & Gardens, you can increase your home’s resale value by as much as $1,600 by using brown paint in the bathroom. Soft hues like almond, cloud white, or vanilla suit traditional bathrooms while driftwood gray and weathered oak inject vintage character into a room. And bright whites feel fresh and contemporary.

2. Timeless Elegance with Blues

Blue tones add a universally pleasing accent to bathrooms. The range of blue paints allows you to customize, from faint and sky-inspired to dramatic navy hues. Soft green-leaning shades like sea salt feel airy and tranquil alongside whites. Classic navy makes a bold statement on an accent wall yet plays nicely with brass fixtures. Lighter blues like airy aqua or water lily give the vintage tile a stylish lift. Vast color offerings mean shades of blue suit any style you’re dreaming up, from nautical to modern. Accentuating with this integral neutral warms up a minimalist aesthetic or cools down ornate traditional spaces for the best of both worlds.

3. Earthy Tones and Nature-Inspired Hues

Inspired by the natural world, earthy paint choices help cultivate a refreshing yet grounded look. Nature-loving greens, palms, herbs, ferns, and magical chartreuse draw on plant life for a rejuvenating color story. Natural clay reds, terracotta, and sun-baked browns further root your design in the soothing outdoors. Pair these grounded colors with natural materials like stone, wood, wicker, and more for a cohesive effect. Organic shapes, woven textures, and references to foliage through wallpaper, tile, or prints strengthen the connection. Take inspiration from peaceful sanctuaries like the forest floor or desert canyons. It’s an effortless way to fashion a restful spa-like retreat.

4. Dramatic Dark Accents

While dominantly neutral color schemes are preferred for general wall colors, dark and saturated accents have an intriguing place too. Deep hues like black coffee, toasted almond, truffle brown, or charcoal slate painted as an accent wall or on select features add striking contrast. These moody paints often incorporate some warmth, so they don’t read flat and lifeless. Use these dramatic tones to make built-ins, vanities, ceilings, doors, or other feature areas pop. Contrasted with sufficient bright accents and lights, bold dark colors lend subtle luxury rather than an oppressive atmosphere. They help key areas stand out without detracting from the room’s overall brightness and functionality.

5. Pastel Pops for a Soft Touch

Few palettes spell charming like the pastels. Soothing minty greens, blush pinks, daybreak yellows, and more faded yet fanciful hues add a playful personality with a gently sweet look. Unlike their brighter primary color counterparts, softened pastels ensure the room doesn’t look juvenile. Use these cute colors to paint vanities, shelves, or small accents. Pastel paints also commonly accent tile, fabrics, wallpaper, and artwork for continuity. With creative pairings, pale hues lend richness without dramatic contrast. Pastels keep the mood light and casual — perfect for a cheery family bath.

6. Monochromatic Magic

Sticking to a single-color family allows you to infuse serious style through thoughtful detailing. Simple white walls let bold black-and-white graphic floor tiles or modern color-blocking shine. Soft shades of green establish harmony and flow when you paint the vanity, and mirror frame and install matching tiles. And for small spaces, a monochrome scheme lends an expansive effect, making the room feel larger. When you rid the space of competing colors, clean lines, and angles take center stage. Repeating and emphasizing architectural details draws the eye across the entire room. Keeping to one color family ensures a calming, uncluttered aesthetic.

7. Metallic Touches for Modern Glamour

Once utilized strictly for appliances, metals now adorn walls and beyond as a splashy accent. The sheen and reflectivity of silver, gold, and copper finishes glitz up tile, wallpaper, paint, cabinets, mirrors, and more. By incorporating these shimmering tones, you add glamour and dimension for next-level personality. Metallic paints come in an array of opacities, from faint suggestions to boldly glistening. High-shine paints, foils, glazes and finishes offer light-catching enhancement too. Lustrous metals pair with marbles, glass, and gems for seriously show-stopping luxury. Remember, just small hits energize a space unlike anything else.

8. Creative Tile Pairings

Bathrooms are prime real estate for making tile shine. Painterly patterns, unique shapes, pops of color, and expressive textures elevate your design over basic white subway tile any day. Be adventurous with tile then build a cohesive color scheme around your choices with wall paint. Handmade Moroccan tiles, graphic black and white cement patterns, or terracotta shapes work with numerous paint colors for customization. Warm grays and taupes allow colorful tiles to pop while contrasting brights emphasize bold patterns. If opting for an intricate floor design, keep walls simple to avoid visually overwhelming guests.

9. Statement Ceilings in Bathrooms

Typically overlooked, ceilings offer valuable space for infusing color, shape, and visual intrigue. As statement ceilings gain traction in living rooms and bedrooms, this trend now takes over bathrooms too. Replace basic white expanses by incorporating wooden beams, color blocking, ornate medallions, or mural-style paintings overhead. Dark ceiling colors feel intimate and enveloping when set against bright walls. Contrasting paint also helps draw eyes up, giving the illusion of a loftier space. Detail the ceiling with gilt rectangular frames for neoclassical richness or metallic silver leafing for an art deco touch. If you’re unsure about how something may look, consult with your painting contractor.

10. Matte Finishes for a Contemporary Look

Standard paints have a subtle luster that catches and reflects light. An enduring trend favors matted finishes for a brushed effect instead. The softness and texture of matte, chalkboard or powder coat style paints add depth. They mute walls for sophisticated solidity compared to gloss. Pair matte paint with modern vanities, metallic accents, stark patterns, and sleek fixtures for harmony. The professional-grade solidity of low-sheen finishes builds an ultra-polished look. Compared to shine, matte colors blend more naturally with tile, wood grains, marble, and concrete. Embrace velvety finishes for Scandinavian-style serenity or an industrial downtown edge.

With limitless paint possibilities out there, it’s fun to get creative in customizing your ideal colors and finishes. Consult a trusted local painting contractor if you need help executing your dream design ideas. Their expert skills ensure you get a picture-perfect, on-trend bathroom revamp. Call Total Pro Painters today to obtain an estimate to bring your bathroom back to life.

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