7 Tips for Incorporating Accent Walls

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When looking to elevate any living space, there’s no better way than by incorporating a spectacular accent wall. As you explore fun, creative ways to personalize your home décor using interior painting, accent walls allow you to showcase your style in a bold, artistic fashion. Whether through vibrant colors, captivating textures, intricate patterns, or other unique finishes, a skillfully executed accent wall serves as the focal point for any room.

Here are some of the most popular techniques for incorporating eye-catching accent walls with the help of interior painting services. By the end, you’ll undoubtedly feel inspired to add an artistic, expressive accent wall to your own living spaces.

1. A Square or Rectanglular Wall Works Best

Accent walls can be a tricky design element to incorporate into your house. They are a staple piece that serves to bring the rest of the room together. The first aspect of an eye-catching accent wall is the shape of the room. It is extremely difficult to make these designs look attractive when on a rounded surface. The ideal accent serves its best purpose on a common square or rectangular wall. Most accents follow linear patterns, creating discomfort when paired with rounded walls. This does not necessarily mean a rounded wall should not be considered for an accent, but creating a well-fitting design to fit the room would be more difficult. When choosing your desired wall, ask your interior painting contractors for their professional opinion.

2. Try to Stay Away From Windows, Doors, and Art

An accent wall acts as a work of art itself. These, alongside the color of your walls, drive the attention of you and your guests. Your accent wall should not be in a room or area where the design will be overwhelmed by other pieces in your house. A large decorative piece or well-designed window can take away attention from the area you want to give attention to. When it comes to doors, any homeowner should stay away from entrances when adding wall designs. A typical design should be seen right when you enter a room, not behind the door as you walk in. You should not let windows, doors, or art take away from your accent centerpiece.

3. Create Cohesion Based on Colors

Creating cohesion within a space brings chemistry to everything surrounding it. An appealing room has strong chemistry and creates comfort. Wall color is one of the biggest factors in creating a well-designed room. A well-executed accent wall can make or break a room. In the designing process, it is important not to overwhelm your accent wall with design elements that will take away from the wall. You want to choose a primary and secondary color that will complement their surroundings. Alongside this, a professional interior painting team will make sure there will be no blemishes or buffs on your newly painted walls. Interior pro painters have years of experience, and asking them for their opinion on colors for accent walls can get you one step closer to the house of your dreams.

4. Aim for Symmetry

The symmetry of the room you are adding an accent wall to is a big factor to keep in mind. Painting the walls around an accent will be crucial in creating symmetry in your room. When considering your décor, create a design scheme that mutually benefits the layout and color of your room. Asymmetrical rooms are achievable, but many variables need to be incorporated into the process. The human brain naturally finds comfort in symmetry. A well-balanced room makes you as well as guests warm and comfortable. Consider placing your accent wall in a central area to increase the overall symmetry of the space.

5. Choose Where Your Accent Wall Will Stand Out

Your accent wall should draw attention to your favorite design elements when a person enters the room. Keep in mind the lighting of the room and the color of your accent. A dark accent in a room with little natural lighting will not highlight your décor. As stated previously, placing an accent so that it is behind you as you walk in will be a poor design choice. The wall should be mounted at the center of a well-painted room. The primary and secondary colors of the room will give the accent light, displaying the aspects of your interior design that you want to stand out. Talk to your interior painting team to consider the best options for your wall accent.

6. Choose the Best Room for Your Accent Wall

You don’t want your house to feel outdated. A new coat of paint or wall accent can bring a room as well as your house as a whole back to life. Whichever room needs to be updated, you should consider incorporating an accent wall. One of the best places to put an accent is behind your bed. An accent can make your living area feel like a palace and in turn make you feel like royalty. It will bring out bedroom features while not overwhelming the room. Similarly, a long or large space is the ideal area for a room accent. This will shorten the room, creating a more comfortable feeling for you and your guests. A large room should also be considered for an accent because these rooms can feel cold and empty. The right design choices, such as an accent wall, can pull your room closer, generating a sense of warmth. If giving a warm feeling is a goal for your room, also consider the color and textures of the walls. Interior painting contractors will give you their advice on the best room in your house for an accent.

7. Consider the Effects of Furniture and Design

Though it may seem obvious, furniture and the layout of your room are essential when considering an accent wall. Whatever texture or design you see fit for your walls must have chemistry with everything else. Creating a room should first start with your primary wall color. An interior painting team will be able to help you with the color layout of your room. However, it is up to you to create a room that evokes the right mood. The furniture you should incorporate will need to complement the room’s main color as well as the accent color. Complementing furniture and accent walls is a two-way street. If the furniture and design are already set in stone, choose an accent that will give the room life. An interior painting team will be able to bring new life to your room.

According to IBIS World, in the U.S., there are about 250 thousand painting businesses. Of course, not all of these companies provide the same quality of service. That’s why it’s critical to do your research and hire the best local professionals in the business. You can rely on Total Pro Painters when you’re looking to complete any home painting project, including adding accent walls. Our team has the skills and expertise to give your home the gorgeous transformation it deserves. If you’re ready to create a focal point in your home, reach out to us to discuss the various ways we can incorporate an accent wall into your home. We look forward to working with you!

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