7 Tips For Painting Your Bathroom Cabinet in Boston, MA

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Are you tired of looking at the design of your bathroom cabinets, and you’re thinking of transforming them?

Applying a fresh coat of paint can enhance its beauty and appearance, but in doing so, you should be reminded of the proper tips to create the best result.

With that having said, here are the 7 Tips For Painting Your Bathroom Cabinet in Boston, MA.

1. Clear The Cabinets’ Hardware And Accessories                            

To paint your cabinet without difficulties, make sure to clear all the cabinets’ hardware and accessories.

Once you remove those parts, place them in one area or in a plastic bag so the important pieces will not be gone.

Moreover, you can add a label to the pieces of hardware so you will not find it hard to return to their respective places.

But not all hardware can be removed, that’s why to protect them, cover them up with painter’s tape.  

2. Cautiously Clean The Cabinetry

If you want to have an even finish, you must first clean the surfaces of the bathroom cabinets.

However, you have to remember that cabinets may not hold up too much water, so cleaning them deliberately is a must.

For extensive cleaning, you may mix trisodium phosphate (TSP) and water to wipe down and get rid of any remains.

3. Mend And Sand The Cabinets

Right after the cleaning process, make sure to check the parts that needed repairs, such as cracks or dents.

However, you also have to make a sound judgment if your cabinet needs repair or needs a full replacement.

Make sure to check its framing if it is in sturdy condition, if so, sand it using 220-grit paper to smoothen its surface.

4. Use An Oil-Based Primer

Just like any painting job, for you to prepare your cabinets for painting, priming is a must.

But you have to make sure that you are using the correct primer for its walls’ surfaces.

The most common primer for cabinets is oil-based primers which help the paint to adhere properly.

Also, the proper way of applying primer is starting from the exterior and then into the interior of the cabinets.

But make sure to let the primer be completely dry, before applying the main paint to get better output.

5. Consider The Paints Compatibility

Every single type of paint has its specific surface compatibility, that’s why it’s very indispensable that you know the right paint for your cabinet.

Particularly for a bathroom where it is susceptible to water damage and humidity the most recommended paints by experts are satin or semi-gloss paint.

Satin or Semigloss paint is the perfect match for bathroom cabinets because it can be easily cleaned.

But, when picking a paint color for your cabinet’s bathroom, make sure to observe soundness and symmetry in the area.

6. Don’t Forget The Painters Tape

In painting cabinets, don’t forget the importance and great contribution of painter’s tape. This is essential for all painters!

Applying painter’s tape on the borders of your cabinet will provide you a perfect neat finish.

Moreover, the application of painter’s tape is very important especially if you’re planning to have a two-hued paint color.

Also, painter’s tape can be a very great help in guarding the wall and floor on paint splash where your cabinet is near.

7. Apply Several Coatings

Applying several coats is not bad at all, rather it can make your result more likable and gallant.

On the other hand, in doing so, make sure to give the paint ample time to let the first coating completely dry.

Also, make sure to open the windows of your bathroom so that it will be properly ventilated.

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7 Tips For Painting Your Bathroom in Boston, MA

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