Choosing the Perfect Paint Color for Your Finished Basement

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Finishing a basement is a great way to expand your home’s living area and make it a more comfortable and relaxing place for you and your family to hang out. However, you need to consider interior house painting after you finish a basement to ensure that it’s as attractive as possible. You can add a myriad of different colors, hues, and textures to create a high-quality look that should last a long time.

This kind of interior painting is a smart idea if you want to create a better and more appealing home. According to HouseGrail, 88% of homeowners want to spend more time at home after they finish painting one or more rooms. As a result, your basement is more likely to get a lot of use if you paint it properly. Here are several color ideas that should give you the look that you want.

1. Gray: An Excellent Choice for a Mild Home

Are you looking to turn your finished basement into a second living room for yourself or your kids? Well, gray is an amazing choice because it’s mild and neutral enough for these spaces. Typically, options like Mindful Gray are very popular because they have slight blue undertones.

Furthermore, these hues often go well with white and other neutral colors, meaning they add a subtle and attractive contrast to your basement. Though it might not be the most exciting option for your home, it’s definitely great for value. Neutral colors typically help homes sell for more money as well.

2. White: An Eternal Classic

White is another great neutral color that can add value to your basement and give you a lot to work with. Please note that white isn’t just white: there are many variations in its tone that you can consider. For example, One Horn White Magnolia has a warmer and cozier feel.

We strongly suggest white if you want to add a little brightness to your basement. After all, it probably won’t get a lot of exterior sunlight, and white walls naturally make any room feel brighter. Try it out for a bathroom or a guest room, if you plan on having that in your basement.

3. Gold: A Reasonable Emulation of Sunshine

Yellow may not be everyone’s favorite color, but there’s no denying it works well in a basement. It helps to brighten up the room (as does white) but goes one step further by creating a look much like sunshine. That’s a huge advantage if you don’t get much sun in your basement.

This option works particularly well for bedrooms and other cozy living areas. Kids often love yellow because it looks like the sun and makes their room feel more like the outside. Try to add colorful and engaging trim and borders to your room to give it an even nicer overall feel.

4. Blue: A Calming Favorite

Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean and naturally brings most people a sense of calmness. Its less stimulating tones work perfectly for bedrooms, bathrooms, and guest rooms. It’s also bright enough (when you use sky-blue hues) to add a little liveliness to the basement.

However, you can also use darker tones if you want to create a bolder look for your basement. After all, basements are often great for hanging out with friends or watching a movie. The option here is up to you, so make sure that you choose one that fits your needs properly.

5. Orange: Great for a Sunrise or Sunset Feel

There are few things more beautiful than watching the sunrise or sunset, and you can emulate that in your basement by using various shades of orange. Adding this color can provide many benefits.

For example, orange can make your basement feel more open and cozy thanks to that sunrise or sunset atmosphere. Even better, orange can create a fall color texture, one that can work well for many homes in natural areas. Whatever the case, it’s a smart idea to find the right hue for your liking.

6. Green: An All-Natural Favorite

If you’re someone who wants that kind of all-natural feel in your basement, try green. Many interior house painting specialists have a variety of green variations that may work well for you.

You can even try varying types of hues and textures to produce plant- or leaf-like looks in your home. This step can produce a unique and attractive look that your whole family will love.

7. Brown: Another Mild and Comforting Color

Brown is the color of the Earth and its soil, which is appropriate if you think about it. After all, your basement is under the ground. Integrating brown into its color scheme can reinforce that fact and provide your house with a distinctive and appealing style that should look great for years to come.

This color goes particularly well with green, though it can blend well with just about anything. Think of it as a more powerful neutral tone, one with more presence than gray or white. It’s not quite as extreme as black, but it does provide a more striking look for many rooms.

8. Red: Great for Game Rooms

Is your finished basement going to be used as a game room? If so, you should seriously consider using red to help give it a more exciting feel. Red is one of those colors that simply pops out and provides a lot of joy. It’s usually a great option if you want a room to have a more fun atmosphere.

Try to pick a hue that feels right for you, such as darker reds that create a uniquely dense style. Lighter reds might be a little less extreme, especially if you pair them with other softer tones.

9. Black: A Bold but Fantastic Choice

Going black in your basement might seem like a really bold choice. However, there are times in which this approach can work great. You need to pick a softer shade of black, like Farrow & Ball Off-Black, that has the feel of the darkness without being so overwhelming in its hue.

We strongly suggest this if you plan on converting your basement into a media room or even a theater. Black will help to keep the room looking sharp and minimize glare risks on screens. It also helps keep it dark enough to enjoy movies, television shows, and video games.

Pick one or more of these colors for your finished basement, and choose an interior house painting team that understands how to get the project done quickly and efficiently. You need to work with a crew that knows your needs and is willing to work with you on this process from start to finish. Don’t settle for less when it comes to transforming your basement space. When you turn to our team at Total Pro Painters, we are dedicated to helping you repaint your home. We have years of knowledge and expertise, and we can complete any sized project to give your property an incredible new look. Give us a call today to get a free estimate on your painting project. We look forward to giving your basement the upgrade it deserves!

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