How to Prepare for Home Interior Painting Services

home interior painting

Professional home interior painting services are a great option for any homeowner that wants to refresh their home. Paint can be transformative with the right professional home interior painting company. A fresh coat of paint instantly updates your space. Here is what you must do to prepare your home for interior painting.

1. Remove Fragile Items

It is best if you remove fragile items. Getting breakable things out of the way will make the process easier for the painters and protect your goods. Fragile items like vases, sculptures, and other breakables should be removed from the space to be painted. While removing the breakable goods, it is a good time to look around the room and remove any obstacles in the room that may make it difficult for the painters to get around. Making it as easy as possible for the painters to get around the room will ensure the project moves along quickly.

2. Remove Wall Hangings

Remove anything hanging on the walls. Art, pictures, and other wall hangings should be removed before the painters arrive. You should also remove any free-standing decorations or any tabletop décor. The painters will move furniture, but you don’t want to leave décor out. You should also remove any curtains before the painters arrive. If you have blinds take those down. All of these things will make the process more efficient.

3. Remove Area Rugs

Removing any area rugs, mats, or carpeting that is not permanently installed is a good idea. Roll it up and carry it to another room to get it out of the way. Additionally, it will keep your rugs and mats out of harm’s way. Painters will cover everything with drop cloths as they work, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Additionally, these items can be a hazard to someone on a ladder.

4. Do a Deep Clean

Once you have everything out of the room, it is a great time to clean it deeply. You don’t want dust and dirt flying around a freshly painted room. It’s a good idea to also ask the painting company what their specific process is when they start painting. This way you know what you need to clean. Some may not require you to clean much.

According to GlobeNewswire, house redecoration accounts for 58% of the global house painting services market. Most homeowners agree the investment is worth every penny. Call Total Pro Painters today to learn more about home interior painting.

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