Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets in Boston, MA? Read This First

cabinet refinishing

Cabinets are definitely something to take seriously when renovating your kitchen in Boston, MA.

From cabinet refinishing to repainting, they are an integral part of the appearance, layout, and function of your kitchen. 

But because they are so expensive, it’s worth learning about all the aspects, and probably why you shouldn’t remodel at all – as this guide will show.

Basic Cabinet Concepts

Before going any further, it is helpful to understand a few basic concepts behind kitchen cabinets:

  • MDF: An abbreviation for medium density fiberboard, it’s a term you hear over and over when it comes to kitchen cabinets.
  • Base cabinets: The base cabinets rest on the floor and determine the basic layout of the kitchen.
  • Wall cabinets: These cabinets are hung on the wall and are generally smaller and fewer than the base cabinets. They also generally take the same shape as the base cabinets.
  • Framed Cabinets: For a more traditional look, framed cabinets tend to have a “frame” around each door panel. Contrary to…
  • Frameless cabinets: these don’t have a ‘frame’ design around them. Looking at the frameless cabinets from the front, you will see almost no cabinet box.

Have You Considered The Cost?

Buy a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher or sink for your kitchen and the cost will not empty your bank account.

But kitchen cabinets come with serious cost implications, sometimes as much as buying a small vehicle. 

So what should you do?

Choosing MDF over all-wood construction can usually save you money.

Cut out the installation costs by doing it yourself, and you can cut a few dollars from your budget.

If that’s your style, IKEA cabinets generally come cheaper than comparable cabinets from other RTA retailers.

Instead of replacing, try to redo the existing cabinets. More details below.

Ready-to-assemble cabinets (RTA)

Look at ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets as a type of IKEA product.

Like IKEA, all RTA cabinets are delivered by freight to your home disassembled and packed flat.

It is your job to assemble the cabinets with the included “cam-lock” system, with a basic set of hand and power tools. No carpentry involved.

RTA Pros and Cons

Yes, RTA cabinets are cheaper than the designer or store-bought cabinets. 

Remember, however, you will have to pay for the delivery fee either directly or the fee is woven into the company’s “free delivery” offer.

Many companies claim “No sales tax”, which doesn’t matter – unless you are still legally required to pay these taxes directly to your tax authority. But it’s your decision.

RTA factory assembled

If you can’t bear the idea of ​​assembling cabinets before you even start to remodel your kitchen, there is a branch called RTA assembled in the factory, although the very name seems contradictory. 

Basically, the RTA Company builds the cabinets at their factory and delivers them to you fully assembled.

 It’s just another way of blurring the line between RTA and the “real” wholesome cabinets.

Cabinet Refacing/repainting.

Cabinet refitting was once seen as an inferior way of trying to get “new” cabinets for your kitchen.

Now, with a wider range of veneers and improved installation techniques, the redesigned cabinets look as good as the new cabinets.

And refurbishing the cupboards prevents tons of non-degradable and harmful material from ending up in landfills. 

If your kitchen cabinets are still physically intact, you don’t have to toss them; all you need is a little repair work and a fresh coat of paint or stain. 

Need Refinishing Your Kitchen Cabinets? 

If all the above options seem like too many hoops to jump, why not skip the hassle and hire a professional repainting and refinishing company like Total Pro Painters. Cabinet refinishing is one of our specialties.

We offer reliable, affordable and durable cabinet repainting and refinishing services in Boston Massachusetts and the surrounding areas. 

Our specialties include interior painting, exterior painting and kitchen cabinet painting.

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