Tips For Preparing For Your Bedroom Cabinet Painting Project in Boston, MA

2024-01-16 Total Pro Painters Boston MA Tips For Preparing For Your Bedroom Cabinet Painting Project

Tips For Preparing For Your Bedroom Cabinet Painting Project

Painting the bedroom cabinets is a great way to revitalize your space without a complete remodel.

However, a successful cabinet painting project requires more than just choosing the right paint color – preparation is key!

So, to help you prepare for your upcoming bedroom cabinet painting project, here are Tips For Preparing For Your Bedroom Cabinet Painting Project.

1. Plan Your Project

To start your bedroom cabinet painting project, you will have to plan thoroughly.

Being clear about what you want and understanding your vision should be one of the first steps of your preparation process.

This includes knowing how you want your cabinets to appear, what colors you should be using, and the materials you’ll be using.

Additionally, you’ll want to plan when you’re going to be doing your project ahead of time, and the budget you’ll want to allot for it.

Doing a paint project takes time, and rushing through it will just result in underbaked and unsatisfactory results.

Additionally, it is important to remember that a painting project can be expensive, so it is important that you set a realistic budget for your project, and stick with it!

2. Getting Your Painting Materials

At the core of your painting project would be, of course, paint itself – and this is one of the most crucial things to acquire for your painting project.

In shopping for paint, you must get a kind of paint made for cabinet painting.

For bedroom cabinets, you might want a paint that’s easy to clean and resists wear and tear – acrylic or oil-based paints are popular choices.

Additionally, you should consider the finish as well – gloss, semi-gloss, satin, or matte – based on your aesthetic preference and practical considerations like light reflection and ease of cleaning.

Then, to help you apply your paint to your cabinets, you will have to acquire painting materials and tools.

In doing this, you must invest in quality materials, to ensure that you also get quality results in the end.

Aside from your brushes, don’t forget other supplies like sandpaper, painter’s tape, drop cloths, and a paint tray.

3. Prepare the Cabinets

After completing all the materials you’ll need for your painting project, you will now want to move on to prepping your cabinets for a fresh coat of paint!

In doing this, you’ll have to clear your cabinets first of anything that may have been stored in there, and clean its surface.

You’ll also want to inspect it for any kind of damage, repair it as necessary, and sand your cabinets for a smoother, even surface the paint can adhere to.

Lastly, you’ll want to remove hardware, such as handles, knobs, and hinges, since this may get in your way of painting your cabinets.

Keep all of them safely, so you can successfully assemble them once you’ve finished painting your cabinets!

4. Organize Your Workspace

To ensure a smooth painting process, you’ll want to properly organize your workspace.

To do this, you should first make sure that you have cleared the space of all possible obstructions, such as your bedroom furniture, decorations present in the space, or any other things you might have in your bedroom.

When left in the space, you could run into these as you go along with your project, possibly resulting in a mess (paint splatters everywhere!) or worse, an accident.

Ensure that your workspace allows you to move around easily and access all parts of the cabinets.

Lastly, for your bedroom fixtures, you should make sure to cover them up with drop cloths or plastic sheeting, to avoid getting paint drips and spill all over them.

5. Prime the Cabinets

Priming is crucial, especially if you’re making a drastic color change or painting over a dark or stained wood surface.

Primer will provide a smooth, even base for the paint and can also help block any stains or wood tannins from bleeding through the paint.

In the long run, the primer will also make your coat of paint last longer – avoiding the hassle of a sudden repaint!

So, once you’re done with priming your cabinets, you can now proceed with the fun part – painting your cabinets!


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