13 of the Most Loved Paint Colors for Dining Rooms

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Freshening up your space is the perfect way to create a home you love. Your dining room is a place in your home where you’ll gather for the holidays to create lasting memories, so it’s essential to ensure your interior decorating is flawless. According to GlobeNewswire, redecorating makes up 58% of the global painting market. Selecting the perfect paint color can be tedious, but these are the most loved colors for dining rooms, according to house interior painting companies.

1. Soft White

Soft white has quickly replaced other neutrals like beige. Today, house interior painting businesses see more homeowners opt for white or an off-white color because it’s versatile. You can pair and decorate with white, and you won’t have to repaint your home whenever you redecorate. Shades of white instantly make small spaces appear more prominent. They have a crisp, clean look that works well with modern styles.

2. Greige

Many homeowners opt for neutral colors in the shared rooms of the home or entertainment rooms. Having one color throughout these rooms creates a cohesive feeling that guests love. Greige brings warm undertones to previously popular shades of cold and clinical grey. It offers the perfect compromise for homeowners searching for the ideal neutral color but don’t want white. You can find multiple brands of greige at your local house interior painting store.

3. Light Blue

Light blues like powder blue or sky blue create an ambiance of tranquil elegance. These colors look perfect when paired with crisp white or beige trim. They create a calm atmosphere that everyone in the family will enjoy. Choosing light shades of blue can create a cohesive feeling if adjoining rooms are neutral or light. Light blues also pair well with the trending earth tones we continue to see.

4. Earth Tones

Speaking of earth tones, these paint colors will be in style for a while. Throughout the pandemic, more people began to enjoy time outside. Outdoor living spaces have become huge trends and are still trending. Now, more homeowners are bringing the outdoors inside via house interior painting. Brown, tan, green, and earthy tones of dark red are all being used together to create a relaxed, outdoorsy feel inside.

5. Jewel Tones

Dark jeweled tones continue to trend, and more homeowners are opting to put them in common areas like the dining room instead of reserving them for bedrooms. Royal purple, navy blue, and dark emerald green are here to stay for a few years now. However, it’s essential to consider your space when working with jewel tones. Dark paint colors are known for making rooms feel smaller. Only use these for house interior painting if you have large rooms or plenty of natural light to create balance. A house interior painting expert can help you evaluate your room to determine if using jewel tones is a good idea.

6. Terracotta

Warm terracotta is a paint trend that we continue to see as well. It adds a warm, comfortable feeling to a dining room, perfect for family dinners. Terracotta is another earth tone, so it pairs well with brown, green, tan, and other like colors. This paint color is ideal for homeowners who want to create warmth or add more earth tones. However, it can be a darker shade, so you’ll need to keep the same things in mind you would if using jewel tones. Don’t use this color in small rooms or without natural light.

7. Charcoal

Charcoal is a dark grey color that people used to think of as dark and moody. However, modern homeowners know that this is a color of sophistication. Charcoal works like a neutral because it pairs well with almost any other color. Use it with lighter-colored accents and trim to create a modern yet timeless appeal in any room. Pairing a dark color like charcoal with dark-colored trim will make a room feel small and claustrophobic.

8. Teal

Teal is a beautiful color that creates more energy in a room. It’s vibrant yet not as dynamic as a brilliant yellow. Homeowners can use teal for the entire room to create a gorgeous accent wall. Accent walls are specially designed to help showcase your favorite pieces of artwork or family photographs. Teal pairs well with almost any other color. It sits beautifully next to neutrals and creates a pop of color against muted Earth tones. Jewel tones look exceptionally nice next to teal.

9. Coral

Shades of coral are known to create a lively atmosphere. Coral is more fun than sophisticated, so it’s essential to consider the environment you want to make. If you frequently have elegant gatherings in your dining room, it may be best to work with a house interior painting expert to choose another color. However, if your grandkids are constantly playing in the dining room and you treat it as more of a family room, coral will create the perfect ambiance. You can also work with a house interior painting company to use coral for an accent wall.

10. Black

When you want to go outside the box, paint your walls black. After house interior painting, work with a professional decorator to create a fashionable, chic look. When decorating is handled correctly, your dining room will exude artistic sophistication. Balance the dark color with light pieces of furniture. Prevent the claustrophobic feeling by putting plenty of artwork and light-colored yet modern paintings on the wall. Pair black walls with a light-colored trim in a neutral color like soft white.

11. Navy Blue

Navy blue is another way to add dramatic flair to a room without going as dark as black. Navy blue looks exceptionally well next to metallic colors or trim with a satin finish. It can be paired with neutrals, jewel tones, or grey. However, avoid pairing navy blue with too many dark colors. Instead, use metallics or light colors to create more balance in the room.

12. Beige

Although greige has quickly become more popular than beige, beige has yet to be considered outdated. This neutral color brings traditional elegance into a room. It creates a small amount of warmth without being an earth tone. Pair beige walls with satin white trim for a timeless appeal that everyone will love. If you have a contemporary or modern home, this is a beautiful idea, but don’t care for the latest grey trends. You can use beige with any decorating style, including contemporary or traditional.

13. Sage

Sage green is an exceptional choice to bring a down-to-earth feel to any home. It helps create a cozy environment without bringing in bold colors like red. To use sage green in your dining room, work with a house interior painting company to paint the walls. Use light, neutral colors for furniture. Continue the earthy theme with wooden tables and accents. Then, add touches of gold accents throughout the room to create a luxurious touch. You can use loud colors like coral, red, or orange as minor accents to produce more energy. This color is ideal for any homeowner who loves to garden and spend time outside.

Working with a house interior painting company is a wonderful way to discover the ideal paint color for your dining room. When you choose our team at Total Pro Painters, we’ll consider the colors in the rest of the home to create a cohesive feel while enhancing aesthetic appeal. Contact us today for a free estimate on your project!

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