5 Fun Paint Colors to Consider for Your Child’s Bedroom

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Decorating a child’s bedroom can be a lot of fun for kids and parents alike. According to RubyHome, the top three home improvements are smart device installation, bathroom remodeling projects, and interior painting. Home interior painting is a great way to transform a room and create a special space for your child. When it comes to fun paint colors suitable for a child’s bedroom, there’s a wide range of possibilities. A child’s bedroom is often a strong part of their childhood identity, and helping them create a personalized room that matches their tastes and preferences is an important part of growing up. Working with a professional home interior painting crew will ensure that you get the results you want. Let’s take a closer look at some fun paint ideas for the children’s bedrooms in your home.

1. Pink and Purple

While princess themes might feel a bit outdated, the color schemes associated with them remain popular. Purple is a favorite of kids everywhere, and when you add some pink, it becomes a fun color scheme for a child’s bedroom. There are many different shades of both of these colors depending on what your child wants and the overall design scheme of your home. For older children, there are plenty of options that aren’t too “babyish” that will be fun and appropriate for many years to come.

Accent walls are a great way to create visual space and let your child have a wall that’s ideal for hanging their artwork and other mementos. Consider a room with deep purple walls and one bright pink accent wall that could be used as a bulletin board for their personal decor items. Remember, that your young child might grow out of any color scheme that they consider too young, so be sure to choose colors that have a chance for some longevity. There are many different shades of pink and purple that are absolutely perfect for a young girl’s bedroom.

2. Dinosaur Green

What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? This is an interest that many young boys carry with them until they’re about 10 or 12 if not longer. If you have a major dinosaur fan on your hands, it’s the perfect color for your bedroom. Dinosaur green is also perfect for themed stickers and other kid items that will delight them. Be sure to choose a shade of green that isn’t just a good fit for a dinosaur theme, you’ll want to opt for a shade that’ll work well with other themes or even no theme at all. Green is an easy color to work with, so finding a shade that will stand the test of time should be a fairly straightforward process.

There are many different types of dinosaurs, and when a child shows an interest in one, it’s usually not too long after that they’ve fallen in love with all types. If an entire room of green isn’t your idea of good design, try to bring in other elements that reflect your child’s interests. You could opt for a more neutral color with some green accents that bring in the dinosaur theme. Depending on the age of your child, the dinosaur love could last for a while.

3. Noah’s Ark Brown with Animals

For newborns and toddlers, Noah’s Ark is a popular theme. This is one of the most popular children’s bedroom ideas because it provides many different options. You could paint the walls brown and add animal decor like lamps and pictures. When you start considering adding animals to the theme, the possibilities are endless. Noah’s Ark themes can also include blue paint for the water and sky and green paint for the moment when land is rediscovered. Choosing three or so animals to center the theme around offers some consistency.

Creating a nursery with this theme will also allow you to move on once they outgrow the decor. Choosing a base paint that works well in non-themed children’s rooms will make it much easier to reimagine the space as your child gets older. Of course, interior painting isn’t an overly disruptive process, so it can be just as easy to start over in a few years with an entirely new theme. The nursery theme that you choose could go on to become an ongoing part of your child’s room, evolving over time.

4. Sky Blue and Stars

Kids love stickers and stars, so there’s nothing better for them than combining the two. Sky blues are always a great color for a child’s room. It’s also a color that works great for both girls and boys. If you want a fun color but don’t want to go overboard, look at some fun blue shades. Because blue is a primary color, it’s easy to find complementary colors to complete your color scheme. Don’t think of blue as a safe choice as it holds quite a lot of visual interest and is very versatile. Choosing different shades of blue and creating different spaces within the room is another idea.

If you want to include all primary colors, that can be fun too. You can opt for color blocks, wide stripes, or painting different walls in different colors. The possibilities are endless! Blue is a great foundation color, and there’s a lot you can do with it. Creating a gradation of different hues provides a fun look that kids love. This idea is perfect for older kids who are reaching the tween stage and are moving away from the tastes they had as little kids. You can’t go wrong with blue.

5. Astronaut-Themed Red and Silver

Astronaut themes are another popular choice for youngsters. If you have a child who’s in the seven to eight-year-old range, they might be fascinated with space and rockets. Again, this is a theme that lends itself well to transitions. You can use a neutral color as the foundation and then add silver and red accents. This way, as the child grows older, you won’t have to reimagine the entire space. Silver and red is a fun color combination that is perfect for any space-loving kiddo’s room. Astronaut themes can also include blue for Planet Earth and yellow for the moon.

Having a child interested in space is always fun. They can help with the design of their room, from picking out fun colors to choosing rocket models or plushies, depending on their age. While you’ll want to spearhead the design process, when a child’s engaged with the design of their room, it feels more like their own. This feeling of pride can help them with their development and help them explore their personalities in a tangible way. Designing a kid’s room can be a fun project for both parents and youngsters. And with the right paint colors, you can capture the feeling of being out in space.

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