5 Simple Tips For Painting Your Kids Playroom in Boston, MA

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It is indeed a joy to have kids, and as parents, we would do anything to provide the best for them. Playing is essential to a kids’ skills and cognitive development, so every detail that goes into building their playroom is important. Paint is one essential detail that we ignore almost all of the time. Some people would just pick a color, don’t check the label, and call it a day. But colors, texture, and type of your paint play a huge role in your kids’ overall wellness. So it is only essential that we pick the right ones. With this, here are five simple and useful tips for painting your kids’ playroom in Boston, MA.

1. Pick a convenient and suitable paint

Children are children; they will definitely be messy. And your walls may be at risk from the chaos your child brings when armored with a marker or a crayon. While in some perspectives, this may only be a behavior that is essential in letting your kids express themselves creatively, let us not lie – it does break our heart to see our walls splattered with scribbles and doodles. In painting your kids’ playroom, consider picking a paint that will be durable and easy to clean. A semi-gloss finish will be ideal in this case, as it will be easy to wipe clean and doesn’t draw too much attention to its imperfections. Just make sure to clean the surface you’ll paint on, and you’re off to a good start in the interior house painting process!

2. Think about the room’s theme

Your kids’ playroom will be their creative haven – this is where they will discover different facets of their personhood, get to unravel their imagination, and develop their essential motor, cognitive, and critical thinking skills. So it is outright important to think about the room’s theme. Think about what mood or vibe you’re trying to set with the colors. Evaluate what vibe you are promoting if you do this certain stroke or go with this specific texture. Does it promote a productive learning environment, or does it feel sullen and confining? It has got to feel like your kid is looking at endless possibilities to learn.

3. Consider using chalkboard paint

Kids do tend to be stubborn in academics, and convincing them to do their homework can be a chore, especially when all they want to do is play. So what’s an even better solution than letting them do their homework in their playroom? Consider using chalkboard paint in some parts of your kids’ playroom so it can double as a study room too! This will be a convenient two-in-one solution to this certain dilemma. Say goodbye to the strenuous process of nagging your children to do their homework with you with this creative and convenient decision!

4. Involve your children in the creative process

The playroom is essentially your kids’ room, so they need to have a say in the creative process of it. You should get their opinions, what they want, how things should pan out and be arranged in the playroom. This is important as you want your child to like the playroom, as you are essentially doing this for them. In this process, you are not only strengthening your bond with your kids, but you are also honing their decision-making and critical skills. Yay for good parenting!

5. Don’t put your child’s health at risk

Nowadays, most commercially released paints release low-level toxic emissions into the air, known as volatile organic compounds or VOCs. These could pose a huge risk for your children and could be detrimental to their overall health. However, more companies have been manufacturing a much safer alternative nowadays; these are paints that produce low-to-zero VOCs. The playroom is your kids’ safe haven, not something that will endanger them in the long run. Pick a paint that will not put your child’s health at risk.

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