5 Tips in Painting Your Bedroom in Boston, MA

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Your bedroom is practically your sanctuary – this is the room where you feel the most comfortable, where you can lay your hair down, and just be authentically you. So, it is important to establish a comfy and cozy vibe with our bedroom right from the start – from when you’ve started painting it. You have to ensure that you’re painting your bedroom the right way – from the choice of colors down to the materials you’re using, you have to be certain that every decision that goes into the process of painting your bedroom will lead to satisfactory results. Besides, who would want to sleep in a bedroom that feels foreign to them, right?

So, if you’re currently doing the smart thing and researching first on tips in painting your bedroom, well, you’re in the right place. to jumpstart your painting journey, here are 5 Tips in Painting Your Bedroom in Boston, MA.

1. Know How Much Paint You’ll Be Using

To save you from the hassle of either unexpectedly running out of paint or having too much excess paint, which just bloats your expense overall, do the smart thing and know how much paint you’ll be using first prior to buying paint. You can go ask for advice from paint professionals or your local paint store owners so you can get an estimate as to how many cans of paint you’ll only need for your bedroom.  It will be better to be this meticulous in planning your painting project, than finding out that you’ve maxed out on your budget later on. 

2. Think of a Theme

In painting your bedroom, you’ll have to think of a theme first, so you can be sure of the right type of colors you’ll need to buy on your trip to the local paint shop. It would be better to consult available color palettes online, so you can ensure which colors would look best together, and what colors you can combine with the color you’ve had in mind.  Just make sure that you end up with colors that you absolutely want to see in your bedroom, and you’re off to a great start!

3. Always Use Primer

As a general rule in interior house painting, you must always use primer first before actually painting. Primer gives you better coverage on the surface you’re painting on, and will make paint adhere better to the surface, reducing the risk of paint peeling and other problems. Additionally, primer will make your paint look brighter and more vibrant, which is something you’d definitely want in your bedroom!

4. Check Paint Samples Under the Right Light

Picture this: you’re in your local paint shop, you’re checking paint samples and found a color that you absolutely adore, so you buy the exact number of cans you’ll need for painting your bedroom (as has been said above) – what could go wrong?  So many people commit the mistake of checking paint samples under the wrong light – wrong light means everything that is not the lighting of the room or surface you’re planning to paint.

This is crucial because lighting plays a huge role in making colors appear – a same shade of color could look darker or lighter when put under various lighting. So, it is recommended that you check paint samples under your bedroom’s lighting, so you can be sure which colors will look under your room’s lighting or whether your choice of color is flattering to see under your room’s lighting. 

5. Don’t Incorporate Too Many Colors

Lastly, a great tip to keep in mind when painting your bedroom would be to not get too carried away in choosing colors, and incorporating too many in your bedroom.  A good number of colors to incorporate into your bedroom is 2-3 colors, which already consists of the main color and the highlight/background colors – and having anything beyond that limit might be too much. You want to ensure that your bedroom evokes a sense of aesthetic harmony and complements well with the elements and colors you’ve chosen, not a jumbled mess of colors that are too much for the eyes and overall unsightly. 

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