Bathroom Cabinet Repainting Tips To Remember in Boston, MA

2023-05-02 Total Pro Painters Boston MA Bathroom Cabinet Repainting Tips To Remember

While we mostly overlook them, our bathroom cabinets are actually an essential part of our bathrooms.

Aside from their immediate function of being storage solutions, they also contribute to our bathroom’s overall appeal, tying up the whole place nicely.

With this in mind, upkeep will be necessary for your bathroom cabinets – which can be done through a fresh coat of paint.

So, if you are currently planning to repaint your bathroom cabinets, here’s something you might find helpful.

Here are Bathroom Cabinet Repainting Tips To Remember.

1. Do Proper Surface Preparation First

In repainting your bathroom cabinets, one of the first things that you should be doing would be to do proper surface preparation.

Proper surface preparation is important because your bathroom cabinets might have acquired all kinds of muck or grime on their surface over time, which is the exact kind of stuff you will want to remove from your bathroom cabinets before applying a coat of paint on them.

In doing this, you can use a simple brush and some form of detergent to scrub off the muck on your bathroom surface, as long as you ensure to properly dry them afterwards.

You will also want to inspect your bathroom cabinets for any signs of damage and get them repaired accordingly if there are any.

You must remember that no amount of paint will ever be able to conceal these damages all on their own, so if you want to ensure a smoother paint finish, keep this tip. in mind.

2. Dry Your Bathroom Floors

Prior to your painting project, you will also want to ensure that your bathroom floors are dry.

Our bathrooms tend to be wet places because of their proximity to water and moisture, so as a result, the area is prone to slippery floors – which can be a possible safety hazard for your painting project, and cause delays in your progress.

Additionally, your floors might not also be safe from muck and grime – which can cause your floors to be extra slippery on top of being wet, so you’ll want to also give your floors a good scrub prior to your painting project.

3. Use Primer

In any printing project, the primer will always be an important aspect of it – and in your bathroom cabinet repainting project, this rule will not be an exception.

First off, the primer will ensure that your coat of paint will have better coverage, thus, allowing for a more vivid paint color and finish.

Additionally, the primer will ensure that your coat of paint will have better adhesion to your surface, ensuring that it won’t be manifesting paint problems such as peeling or cracking anytime soon.

So, before you apply a coat of paint on your bathroom cabinets, make sure to apply a coat or two of primer first.

4. Utilize Painter’s Tape

To ensure straight-cut edges and avoid the hassle of paint smudges and smears on your cabinet edges, you will want to utilize painter’s tape in repainting your bathroom cabinets.

Painter’s tape will be helpful especially when you are going to be painting on the edges and crevices of your bathroom cabinets, since these tend to be hard to paint on and has high risks for paint smudges and smears.

This will also ensure that the paint designated for your cabinets will just stay on your cabinets and will not stain other parts of your bathroom.

However, in using painter’s tape, you must ensure to not let the tape on for too long on the surface, or it might peel away your fresh coat of paint once you do remove it.

5. Unscrew Your Cabinet Doors

Lastly, when you already painting your bathroom cabinets, a great tip to keep in mind would be to unscrew your cabinet doors.

When left on your bathroom cabinets, the doors can be especially tricky to paint on, since they tend to be unstable, constantly swiveling back and forth.

To ensure a smoother and more convenient painting process, it will be better to unscrew these doors and lay them flat on the ground where you can paint them steadily, so you can have better hold and precision on them.

Just make sure to keep all the necessary hardware safely, such as bolts and screws, so you can put them back on when you’ve finished painting them!

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