Tips To Know For Your Fence Painting Project in Boston, MA

2023-05-16 Total Pro Painters Boston MA Tips To Know For Your Fence Painting Project

Our home exterior is essentially the first thing people will see of our home, so it is important that we maintain its overall appeal – which is why it is beneficial that you paint your fences.

Since your fences are a part of your home exterior, it is important that we do the necessary upkeep for your fences, which can be done through a fresh coat of paint.

So, if you are currently thinking of painting your fences, here’s something you might find helpful as you plan your fence painting project.

Here are Tips To Know For Your Fence Painting Project.

1. Check The Weather Ahead Of Time

One of the first things that you should be keeping in mind when doing a fence painting project would be to check the weather in advance.

Since your fences are essentially outside of your home, the weather will play a crucial role in your painting project.

You’ll want to paint your fences in ideal weather – which would be a clear, dry day.

For very obvious reasons, you should not be painting your fences when it is raining outside – so look out for rainy days ahead of time for your fence painting project.

Contrary to what you may think, it is also not advisable to paint your fences when it is particularly hot outside, since the extreme temperatures might mess up your coat of paint.

2. Proper Surface Preparation Is A Must

Another very important aspect of your fence painting project would be proper surface preparation, and for very good reasons.

Because you’ll be painting your fences, which are perpetually exposed to so many external factors that may dirty or damage them over time, proper surface preparation will be an important process to take.

To do this, you’ll want to first inspect and see if your fences have any physical damage on them, and patch them up if there is any.

It is important to remember that paint won’t be able to fix and completely conceal these damages all on their own, so you must repair these damages first to ensure a smooth paint finish.

Lastly, you’ll want to clean your fences – remove any dirt, dust, or any kind of debris that might have accumulated on them over time.

3. Clear The Area Near Your Fences

For a smoother and seamless painting process, you’ll want to clear the area near your fences.

You’ll want to remove any exterior furniture, decoration, or appliances such as garden sprinklers or solar panels that might be near your fences.

These obstructions can cause delays or messy accidents in your painting project, so it is important to get them out of the way.

4. Use Primer

Primer will also be an important aspect in your fence painting project.

Since you will be painting your fences, which is under constant exposure to many external factors, the primer will help ensure that your coat of paint will be more durable.

It will also ensure a better paint finish, with better paint adhesion and a brighter and more vivid paint color, to ensure that your fences won’t be peeling nor fading anytime soon.

5. Don’t Get Too Carried Away In Painting

Lastly, you should not get too excited or carried away in painting your fences.

You should have an evenly spread coat of paint when you’re painting your fences, to prevent having an unequal distribution of paint and an overall uneven painted surface.

To help you paint better, you should do an “M” or “W” pattern in painting your fences, to ensure equal coats and a better paint finish in the end.

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