Exterior Wall Damage in Boston, MA: Common Causes and Remedies

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Crumbling plaster, moisture damage, mold, and exterior paint damage are common challenges homeowners in Boston, MA encounter.

In today’s article, we will be sharing common exterior wall damages and how to deal with them.

Elements That Can Cause the Deterioration of Your Exterior Wall

Over time the plaster crumbles, dirt clings to the siding, mosses and humidity leave their mark on your walls, not to mention deliberate damage, which unfortunately is particularly difficult to remove.

Years go by and the degradations accumulate one after the other.

Nothing is worse than a house siding that loses its color, tarnishes, or even is stained by dirt and pollution.

If your neighbor has recently redone their plaster, siding, or had new facing stones installed, the contrast must be even worse.

So as you ponder over this contrast, keep the following in mind;

Moisture degrades walls

Moisture can sometimes settle on your siding. It can be visible on the bottom of the exterior walls accompanied by crumbling.

Visible inside the house as well? You must quickly call in a professional who will find the source of this moisture, carry out the first checks on the drainage, pipes, and can adapt the treatment and repairs as appropriate.

Do not let humidity set in, contact several professionals, ask for quotes, before the damage is serious and requires a complete facelift or interior repair work.

Pollution, Dirt, and Debris Have Consequences

You can’t do anything about it, pollution is everywhere.

It can therefore have consequences on your siding, whatever its type.

The black streaks, green or brownish may appear on parts of the siding and change according to temperature and your location.

The only solution here is to clean the siding with the application of a treatment and the application of a finishing product to limit the adhesion of pollution particles.

New products now make it possible for the siding “slide” dirt particles by making the surface of the siding non-adherent.

The color of the exterior home painting can be changed by atmospheric and biological pollution.

Fungi, lichens, and mosses must be treated to remove them and prevent their recurrence on your siding.

Contact a pro painter for cleaning and refinishing of your siding.

Low-Quality Finish

It is possible that your siding finishing was not applied properly.

In this case, unfortunately, you may notice the peeling of siding paint or siding plaster or even cracks.

If the substrate has not been cleaned before applying the coating, if the drying time has not been observed or if the application of a specific undercoat or a preventive treatment has been neglected, premature wear and tear will follow much sooner.

To avoid too rapid degradation, consider hiring a professional painting contractor.

 Siding Cracks

The cracks are common currency, they may be due to land movement (some areas are more suitable for these trips).

They can relate only to the plaster or relate to the structure of the house.

In the case of major cracks, use the ten-year guarantee if it is still possible, otherwise call in professionals, to assess the situation.

The cracks on the plaster may or may not be active.

Active cracks can be found at specific points on the sidings (window sills, balconies, masonry joints, roof outlets, etc.)

In the event of active cracks, the mason can proceed with the filling using special materials with elastic properties.

They will do the same for passive cracks, with appropriate treatment.

In all cases, it is good to rely on the advice of one or more professionals, especially in the case of siding repair.

Need Help With That?

When it comes to exterior home painting, hiring a professional painting contractor is the best way to get high-quality, durable, and flawless painting results. 

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