Furniture Refinishing in Boston MA: How to Refinish Your Baby’s Wooden Crib

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Would you like to give a wooden crib/bassinet a second lease of life? Wood never goes out of style and the furniture can be refinished for years after its purchase. If you’re considering refinishing your wooden baby crib in Boston MA, here are some tips on how to go about it.


The first step will be to clean your furniture. This step is important, especially if the bassinet has been stored for a long time. You can use a product sold expressly for cleaning wooden furniture. Otherwise, hot water and a cloth will do the trick.


This is probably where you will have to put the most effort (and time). Know that it is important (but not mandatory) to know the type of paint that was used before. Is it latex, oil, or lead-based paint? You can use a stripper or a thermal tool. Apply the stripper with an old paintbrush and use a wooden scraper to remove the paint. Always scratch in the direction of the wood grain.

For less accessible sections (such as grooves and patterns), use a brass brush and a scraper with interchangeable tips. You may need to repeat this step a few times, especially if your furniture has a lot of coats of paint.


Even if you will be tempted to save time by using a sander, the small details will be easier to sand (like the bars) manually. Again, do it in the direction of the wood. We recommend that you choose your stain color before this step. The grain used during sanding will have an impact on the final color.


Is your furniture a bit damaged? You can repair it with a paste designed for wood at this stage. A large selection of colors is available in paint stores and hardware stores. You will be able to find the color closest to your wood shade. Spread the paste with a spatula and lightly sand when the filling is dry.


Now you just have to stain your furniture, or paint, if that’s the option you’ve chosen. Plan ahead. First test the color chosen under the furniture just in case you get disappointed by the result. You will then have the choice to continue or reverse your decision without having done all the furniture. A simple coat applied with a brush will usually be enough to achieve a good result. You will even have the opportunity to try to reproduce an “aged wood” style finish if that’s your style. If you’re interested in the project, Pinterest is full of examples. Let it dry, wipe it with a damp cloth and you’re ready for the final step.


Satin, glossy or semi-glossy finish, the choice is all yours. Consider your other furniture so that everything is uniform. About 3 coats will be required. You can sand between layers of varnish. Finally, do not forget to varnish the furniture again every 5 years to maintain a beautiful finish.

The Bottom Line

Hiring a painting contractor is the best way to get high-quality, durable, and flawless furniture painting or staining results.  If you need any help to stain or repaint your furniture or home interior, Total Pro Painters can help. At Total Pro Painters, we have years of experience in exterior and interior home painting and staining serving Boston Massachusetts homeowners. If you would love to try us, call us today at (774) 509-0345 for a FREE estimate!

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