Home Painting Boston, MA: Do You Really Need A Paint Sprayer?

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Ever painted your Boston, MA house? Familiar with any painters in your area? If so, you know how fun it is to use a roller or a brush, or not. 

Brushes, good for small areas, take a long time; the paint rollers deposit a thick layer, but it is difficult to apply the paint evenly–the natural solution seems to be the sprayer. While there is some basis in this reasoning, it has significant drawbacks.

Why Are Sprayers Not Suitable For Everything?

Paint sprayers are a blessing for many projects, but consider the points below before making this purchase;

  • Preparation is a real killer: the preparation work before using paint sprayers (masking tape, protective sheets, etc.) can be brutal.
  • Everything that will not be painted must be covered. There is no “wiggle room” like you might have with rollers or brushes.
  • They are difficult to clean: cleaning paint sprayers must be taken into account in the overall “time cost” of the project.
  • Unlike brushes or rollers, there are no half measures or cheating in cleaning the sprayers. It’s all or nothing, and it needs to be done immediately. If not, it will clog your expensive sprayer.
  • Inexpensive sprayers make your life more difficult: paint sprayers on the cheaper side of the scale can often be practically worthless. Compare that with other remodeling tools, like low-end miter saws or cordless drills, which aren’t miraculous, but do the job well enough to warrant the purchase. But cheap paint sprayers are usually more trouble than they are worth.
  • It is not worth it for small jobs: paint sprayers are a bad choice for small jobs. You can spend more time preparing and cleaning than you will with the paint itself.

 Appropriate Uses

  • Bigger spaces: the best thing about paint sprayers is that they allow you to cover large swaths with less effort than you would with paint rollers or paintbrushes.
  • Ideal for rough textures: sprayers allow you to overcome surface imperfections such as bumps, holes, cracks, and other surface obstacles that often cause problems with rollers or brushes.
  • A uniform layer: with sprayers, you can get a more uniform application. Even though you still need to be aware of the overlap, as you would with paint rollers, this is a much less important factor when dealing with paint sprayers.
  • Made for exteriors: because of the mist and the potential of overspray, paint sprayers are difficult to sell for interior painting. On the other hand, paint sprayers are almost made for exterior paint: few overspray issues, the ability to work around the inevitable imperfections of the exterior coating, and the ability to cover a larger area in one movement.

Entry-Level Bucket Sprayers

Paint sprayers start out inexpensively and get very expensive real quick.

Professional painters have paint sprayers that cost thousands of dollars. 

As a DIY enthusiast, you can start with a cheaper type of paint sprayer, often called a “bucket gun”.

Sprayers of this type are electric and comprise a spray gun that sits on a tank containing a small amount of paint, usually 1 liter.

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