Mistakes To Avoid When Repainting Your Bathroom in Boston, MA

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As simple as it sounds, repainting your bathroom still has its own set of difficulties and mistakes you’d need to look out for and avoid accordingly. Without properly researching first, you could easily set yourself up for failure – which is something you don’t want to experience. So, if you’re currently doing the right and responsible thing and looking up for some mistakes you need to avoid when doing a painting project in your bathroom, well, you’re in the right place. Without further ado, here are Mistakes To Avoid When Repainting Your Bathroom in Boston, MA.

1. Not Checking For Molds and Mildew

In doing an indoor house painting project in your bathroom, it is essential that you check for molds and mildew first, then remove them accordingly. Prior to applying your first coat of paint on your bathroom’s walls, you must inspect first for any signs of mold and mildew, since no coat of paint alone will be able to treat it and make it go away. You will need to treat or remove them accordingly, or else you’ll just create another problem by just covering them up with paint – you’ll most probably acquire paint problems later on or worsen the already existing molds and mildew problem. You can do them yourself (with a little help from the internet) but if you’re not entirely up to the task of doing it DIY-style, ask professionals to do the job for you.

2. Using The Wrong Paint

Paint has lots of variations for every surface – you need a different type of paint for your home interior, and a different kind for your exterior, your roof, your bedroom, and so on – and your bathroom is no exception. So, in repainting your bathroom, you should make sure to acquire the right kind of paint.

Because of your bathroom’s proximity to water and moisture, ideally, you should get paint that is specially formulated to withstand moisture for a longer time. Additionally, getting moisture-resistant paint for your bathroom is important because moisture leads to molds and mildew, which are things you do not want in your bathroom (and technically, things you were trying to get rid of previously).

3. Not Cleaning Properly

One mistake that is so obvious, you should even have the natural sense to avoid it in preparing to paint your bathroom is skipping surface preparation. Your bathroom’s surface is exposed to moisture constantly, which could harbor mildew, molds, muck, grime, and many other things that you’d want to remove prior to painting. Additionally, most paint problems that arise later on stem from a lack of proper surface preparation, so if you’re planning to only do this indoor house painting project once, better do the right thing and scrub and wash off your bathroom walls first prior to painting.

4. Unprotected Light Switches and Plates

Another mistake to avoid when repainting your bathroom would be not covering your light switches and plates when painting. Before painting, you should make sure to cover and protect your light switches and plates, so you can avoid getting paint all over them or cause an even bigger problem, like an electric shock or a short circuit.

You can opt to cover them with painter’s tape, or for a safer option, try to disable and remove them temporarily. However, doing this alone might be risky, so if you’re not entirely familiar with wirings and electrical devices, better contact a professional to do the job for you.

5. Checking Paint Samples In The Wrong Light

Lastly, one classic mistake that most people commit in repainting their bathroom (or just painting in general) would be to check paint samples in the wrong light. Lighting plays a huge role in making your paint appear – under different lighting conditions, the same can of paint can look either shades darker or lighter.

So, to make sure that you’ll be getting the same results as to how you envisioned it, you should check paint samples under your bathroom’s lighting, to ensure that you know how the present lighting affects your paint color of choice. Additionally, you can opt to do a test paint in your bathroom – it does not need to be a big area in your bathroom, just a small space will do so you can test the paint on the surface and see how it will actually look when painted on.

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