Painting and Decorating Do’s and Don’ts For A Small Room in Boston, MA

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If you live in one of the big cities, you may be situated in one of those cramped, tightly-knit small apartments – and it just gets into your nerves sometimes. But, do not give up just yet – a trick you can do to maximize your space would be to repaint it and decorate it the right way. So, if you’re here because you’re sick of that cramped feeling and would want to make your space look better, here’s something that might as well improve your quality of life. Here’s Painting and Decorating Do’s and Don’ts For A Small Room in Boston, MA.


1. DO Use Lighter Colors

It’s common knowledge that bright, lighter colors can make small spaces appear larger. Light and bright walls reflect more light, making a room feel more open and airy. This is because these colors maximize the effect created by natural light. On the other hand, dark colors absorb light, making tiny areas appear smaller. So, when painting your small room, consider using lighter colors such as eggshell and off-white or neutrals such as beige and sun-tan to maximize your room’s space.

2. DO Play Up With Lightning

As much as possible, you should allow more natural light to enter your space since this will open up your space and make it appear larger. If you don’t have enough natural light, you may use innovative lighting fixtures to provide some artificial illumination. You will be shocked about how much change this little tip will do – by just opening up more windows, you get to maximize your room’s space as much as possible!

3. DO Incorporate A Mirror

Another excellent approach to provide the impression of a larger space is to use mirrors. To create the illusion of depth, choose a focal point and tilt your mirrors to create the illusion of depth. In addition to light paint colors, mirrors can help reflect artificial and natural light, making the space look brighter and larger.

4. DO Create An Accent Wall

As you’ve surely heard, accent walls serve as focal points in a tiny area, drawing the eye naturally to them. You can also utilize them to draw attention to other decorative elements. But, more crucially, in this case, painting one wall a deeper, darker color than the rest provides the optical illusion of additional space in the room – it creates depth. Just make sure the other walls are painted in a neutral color; otherwise, your space will tend to appear overly designed and too much.


1. DON’T Incorporate Too Many Patterns

In painting and decorating your small room, you should be mindful not to go way too much with it and make an already small space feel too crowded by incorporating too many patterns. The key here is less is better – you can maximize so much of your room’s space by minimizing as much as possible the elements and patterns you incorporate into it. Sometimes, going simple is the best route to go – and in this case, it is the route that will get you to achieve your dream space.

2. DON’T Use Small Curtains

Window treatments, such as curtains that are precisely suited and fitted to the window, may make a space appear smaller and more crowded. Large curtains can help make a space appear larger, which is an important tip to keep in mind in this circumstance. While doing it, keep in mind not to overdress the window since it will make the room appear cluttered, taking up space in the process.

3. DON’T Create Mess

Keeping your little area untidy will make it feel claustrophobic and crowded. So, in making your small space feel larger, you should keep things orderly and don’t create a mess. Things will feel orderly if you take the effort to arrange them nicely and keep them out of sight – in this process, you also considerably open up the space in your room. Remember, a congested space is a smaller space. This could also imply that you shouldn’t over-decorate or over-paint your walls; instead, utilize one huge painting.

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